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Wedding countdown.. Need to feel good in my dress!! X

Hello everyone,

Well here is a little bit about me, I had my baby son in febuary (the most amazing thing I've ever done) and I joined slimming world in may, for a couple of reasons; to be healthier and fitter, to lose the baby weight and the big reason I'm getting married next may and I would love to feel and look my best. :)

So far I've lost 1 stone 7 pounds and I still have 1 and a half stone to lose to get to my personal target I've set. I have found sliming world great and easy to follow up until a couple of weeks ago where I am now struggling and I don't know why as I find it so easy to follow and have never felt that I go hungry or anything. I do extra easy days as I find these the best for me.

So anyway I've been reading on here for a while so I've decided to finally post and I'm hoping with the support on here I'll get the kick up the bum I need and get to my target next year in time for my wedding. :) xxx
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So I weigh in on a Monday so 3 days to go until weigh in. So far this week I had been ok except for being on the higher end of my sins where as I usually stick to between 5-10. That was until last night... When I had been out for the day and when I got back I had left the fridge open all day... Oops!! Lost all our food, was so mad at myself. Anyway was mad and starving so we just ended up have a Chinese. But today is a new day and going to try and have a food 3 days;

So far;

Porridge (heb) with milk (hea) and chopped banana.

Going to shops later to fill up my fridge again as I usually have lots of fruit for breakfast.


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Hey holpops.

How exciting your getting married :) :love047: I hope the plans are all running smoothly.

Oopsie to leaving the fridge door open, that's the sort of thing I would do :) :banghead:
Hope you enjoyed you Chinese though :) and back on plan again today.

Have a lovely weekend :) xx
Thanks you, wedding plans are going well it's hectic with looking after my 8 month old boy but I'm still on maternity leave so getting as much done as I can now. :)

Been good today so far, really hoping this is it and I'm back in the right frame of mind for slimming world. ;-)
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well done for getting back on plan today and congratulations on ur wedding, im getting married in march so not long to lose as much weight as i can lol xx


Watch this space...
Hi Holpops x

Just thought I'd pay you a visit :)

Out now so just a quick one. Mmm Chinese ;-)

Looks like our breakfast today was the same too (I haven't posted my food yet) :)

Back later x

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So went to tesco to stock up on a few bits after my fridge disaster. So rest of today's food;

Breakfast-Porridge and milk (hex a and b) banana

Snack- apple

Lunch- big bowl of fruit, melon, pineapple, mango, grapes, kiwi with onkon apple and mango fat free yogurt.

Snacks- 3x rich tea finger biscuits (3 sins), handful of wafer thin ham.

Dinner- jacket potato, butter (1syn) and slimming world chilli with lots of mushrooms (hoping that will cover super free?!?!) might have some fruit later.

So good day but got to get through the rest of the evening and late night muchies, hubby2B has gone to the cinema with his dad so I'm on my own tonight and my little boy is all tucked up in bed. Just enjoying a bit of come dine with me.... Prob not the best thing to watch! Haha :)
Thanks lsf666, so had a cuppa and 3 rich tea finger biscuits so takes me to 7 sins for the day. Think it's just going to be damage limitation until Monday anyway as I'm still convinced I should of had a gain last week but I sts.

Off to bed so i don't eat anymore and im shattered.

Night everyone. :)
Good morning,

Sorry didn't get chance to post yesterday, really busy day and diet wise not great.

He was my diary;

Breakfast- big bowl of mixed fruit, melon, pineapple, mango, raspberrys and kiwi with onion apple and mango fat free yougarts.

Lunch- nothing (was so busy just didn't get chance, didn't have breakfast untill 11am tho)

Tea- Chinese at the inlaws.. Oops! did only have a small amount but sure that won't back a difference.

Snacks- a couple of mother inlaw2B homemade cookies whilst watching xfactor.

Sins... To many.

It's my mums birthday today and we are going out for Sunday lunch, going to try and be as good as possible but weigh in is not looking good for tomorrow.

On a happy note tho after I had my son I bought a pair of size 16 jeans that are now huge on me do yesterday bought size 14 and they fit lovely, tried on lots of trousers size 14 yesterday and they fitted great. :) was happy with that but if I carry on they won't fit for much longer and I'll be back in 16s.

Hope everyone else is having a good weekend. :)


Watch this space...
Great about the jeans!!! Well done :)

Food not too bad either. You had the willpower to not have too much Chinese and stopped at 2 cookies!!!!

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Ok so terrible day, went out for lunch today for my mums bday and it was a carvery. I thought this would not be to bad but boy was I wrong, even all the veg was done it god knows what but was all very greasy and peppery! :-( I was so hungry that I had to eat some of it. Even the peas were bazaar.. Didn't like them. Didn't have a pud but did have a little bit of bday cake with a cuppa at there's.

Really not looking forward to weigh in tomorrow but just need to face it, then aiming for a 100% week once I know what the damage is.

Hope everyone else has had a good weekend.

I'm feeling a bit frustrated with myself tonight. Really don't want to gain any of the weight I have lost so far and would love to be losing more really.


Watch this space...
Just accept whatever the result is, draw a line under it and start the week fresh :)

Good luck with your WI anyway x

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Thank you, you are right. I've got to not dwell on it and get back on the straight and narrow.

And I'm going to go on lots of walks next week with my little boy, we go on a walk most days anyway but going to make them a little longer next week.
Ok so 1lb lost today, really happy with that although don't feel I really deserve it. So going to have a really good week this week and I would like to aim for a 2-3lb loss next week. :)

Been out for a nice days shopping with my fiancé and our little boy, got a really lovely, soft cardigan... I love shopping! Haha.

Hope everyone else has had a good Monday. X
Thanks becyboo. Not been on much this week. Diet wise been ok but definatly been at the top end of my sins, going to try and keep them a little lower the next few days as I think I'm better when I stick to around 5-7 sins majority of time. I'm off to my little boys swimming group this morning which we both really enjoy, he's only 8 months so it's only fun for them but it is amazing what they learn at this age. :) think afterwards we are just going to have a lazy day at home as its been a busy week and he's usually really tired after swimming. Hope everyone's having a good week. Xx

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