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Wedding diet - want the dress and the bikini!

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by <3_my_cat_x, 7 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. <3_my_cat_x

    <3_my_cat_x Full Member

    Hey all,

    So I have finally plucked up the courage to start my own diary. I did SnS before Xmas with good results but I stopped over Xmas and am only just getting back onto it today :eek: I weighed myself on New Year's Day and I had put on 3lbs so I was chuffed with that...however...that was a week ago! And a week of extra eating so I expect I will have put even more on now. Anyway, I was too scared to weigh myself today but will do so tomorrow just so I know what I am working with! Hope it's not too awful although its my own fault for being a greedy pig :mad: :sigh:

    I am getting married July 2013 and I want to be slim in my dress and wear a bikini on my honeymoon so I am going to *try* my absolute best to be 100% for as long as pos. I am looking to lose about 5 stone in 7 months which I think will be blimming tough but doable...I hope! I just need the willpower to do it. Now that it is January and I can see July in sight I am much more motivated because wedding plans are all go and it all feels imminent!

    I do exercise 3x a week - a bootcamp - which I have done for a fair while. I'll be keeping up with that and then gymming on a Sunday (hopefully gymmin on a Sunday...i do SO hate the gym!).

    Not going to lie I am currently sitting here pretty hungry haha...but hey, it's not gonna kill me being hungry right?! And it's not forever, so I just need to get on with it and visualise the end goal :)

    Looking forward to starting this journey with you all :D

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  3. *sarah-lou*

    *sarah-lou* Gold Member

    Yay diary!!!! You have made the hardest step which is starting. It doesnt matter what number it says on those scales because it wont stay there for long.

    How exciting that your getting married in july. What date did you pick.

    Hunger wont be there for long no pain no gain as they say! Xxxxx
  4. <3_my_cat_x

    <3_my_cat_x Full Member

    Thank you hun! :) 21st July - so excited! How you feeling today? xx
  5. *sarah-lou*

    *sarah-lou* Gold Member

    Will be a lovely summer wedding.

    We are hoping to set our date for 2015/2016 as I want a really wedding and will take some saving/planning and we have picked the 4th of july.

    Im fine just another sns day lol I need something to crop up as I have nothing to whinge about! Lol
  6. <3_my_cat_x

    <3_my_cat_x Full Member

    Thanks Hun! Ooh u can be wedding planner extraordinaire n plan everything to the very last detail :) also 4th July Independence Day! Where u looking at for venues? N themes?

    noo! Good there's nothing to moan about hehe! I can moan for u tho right!? I'm starving lol sorry for negativity. Not gonn give up tho on way to exercise now n then mushroom pack when back yum.
  7. *sarah-lou*

    *sarah-lou* Gold Member

    I havent planned any thing so I havent really looked into much!

    We know the date but which year depends on how much we can afford. Im in no rush :D

    We liked this place though

  8. BeckyT

    BeckyT Always trying!

    Here to follow and help you along into you slinky wedding dress! Have you picked a dress yet?

    It really doesn't matter what the scales say atm, it will be a completely different story this time next week for sure

    Sarah Lou, please can i come to your wedding please? Thanks! (If you don't ask, you don't get ha ha) x
  9. *sarah-lou*

    *sarah-lou* Gold Member

    Of course you can lovely! Xxx
  10. <3_my_cat_x

    <3_my_cat_x Full Member

    OMG! That place is amazing! Looks like something out of a film! xxx
  11. <3_my_cat_x

    <3_my_cat_x Full Member

    Thanks hun! Nope not yet - too scared haha! I'm gonna look online before but not actually choose dress till like May/June...I know SO late but hey I'm not a super fussy person so as long as I don't look huge in it (hoping to actually look quite slim!!!! :D) then I'll be happy!!!

    Thanks - yeh gonna weigh tomorrow morning and update and then can go from there -100% day today tho woo! lol xxx
  12. <3_my_cat_x

    <3_my_cat_x Full Member

    Day one down...Food:

    B: Cookie and cream shake (had it with water but think it's actually much nicer with skimmed milk)
    L: chilli pack plus zero noodles (once I'm in ketosis hope to get back down to just one pack a day of the noodles even tho there's nothing in them)
    S: Chocolate cereal shake
    D: mac cheese, 200g mushrooms, zero noodles

    Extra: 3 cups black coffee, 4 pints of water so far

  13. <3_my_cat_x

    <3_my_cat_x Full Member

    Oh and super excited new pack arrives tomorrow and I can have a bar!! lol xx
  14. BeckyT

    BeckyT Always trying!

    How are you getting hun? x
  15. <3_my_cat_x

    <3_my_cat_x Full Member

    Hey hun! I'm okay - bit of a crappy day if I'm honest -just come home from my exercise class and gobbled down my dinner. Was starving all day (think this might have been cos h2b had a really important day today so I got up super early and made him a bacon sarnie and then I had a bar really early whereas I normally try to put off eating anything till about 11am) and actually had an extra bar this pm but I felt so guilty after that I put an exercise video on and tried to work it off! :eek: Also when I got in I had a massive go at h2b for no reason -bless him. I was just hungry cold and fed up and I felt terrible for taking it out on him :( Really really really wanting a glass of wine or something lol but I desperate not to resist. Ahh I'm so pathetic and sorry for whingeing at you. Bet you wish you'd never asked!

    ANYWAY, I see you lost NINE POUNDS missy -NINE - now, Becky, tell the truth, did you cut off a limb or something?!!! :p Seriously though that is AMAZING. Well done you!! I'm so impressed!

    How you feeling today? Need to catch up properly on your diary. I'll have a peek in a mo.

  16. <3_my_cat_x

    <3_my_cat_x Full Member

    ... I mean desperate TO resist...not resisting is easy and is why am I here in the first place!!! xxx
  17. <3_my_cat_x

    <3_my_cat_x Full Member

    Food today:
    B: bar
    Snack: choco crispy shake with 150ml skimmed milk
    L: cottage pie
    Snack: bar :eek: followed by 30mins of frantic exercise trying to work it off! Then my exercise class...
    D: chilli + 200g veg

    Extra: 1 bag miracle noodles + 2 bags miracle rice (zero net carbs, 15 cals)
  18. BeckyT

    BeckyT Always trying!

    Ya not whinging, that's what your diary is for. There's so much temptation in our way all the time. My hubby has been sat with a crimbo tin of choccy biccies and i so wanted one but I know that one would have led to 10 so I had to resist

    I've checked and all my limbs are still attached ;-) x
  19. WillpowerWoman

    WillpowerWoman Gold Member

    Hi best of luck on your wedding weight loss :)
  20. <3_my_cat_x

    <3_my_cat_x Full Member

    Thank you so much Willpower woman - do you have a diary? I'll have a nosy in a bit! xxx see you have lost 37lbs so far! - wooo! :)
  21. <3_my_cat_x

    <3_my_cat_x Full Member

    Feeling a bit better today - less famished! Less headachey etc... freezing cold though! But I have an underactive thyroid so that's nothing new - I am constantly freezing! Keep going to sit by the rad and then getting uncomfortable and moving back to a chair and then moving back to the rad again (work from home so this is acceptable! :p). Dreading weekend though - esp Sat as I know I will want a g n t...:mad:

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