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Wedding Dilemma HELP!!!!

S: 17st11lb C: 16st1lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 35.2 Loss: 1st10lb(9.64%)
Hi All

Im having a serious dilemma!
Im getting married on July 26th and ive got everything sorted apart from .....................................................................................
Yes you guessed it the DRESS!!!

Problem ive got is most of the dresses around need ordering about 5 months in advance which gives me 4 weeks!
Im on SS at the moment and have lost 11lb but they are asking me what size dress i want to order and i dont know what to tell them as i know i want to lose about 5 stone but im not sure what size i will be!!!

Major problem and its keeping me awake at night and not to mention has made me cry at least twice a day for the past week! :cry: :cry:

Anyone got any advice for me :wave_cry: :wave_cry:

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They usually say 1 stone = 1 dress size and you should get a stone off in four weeks. Could you maybe go for the next size down from where you are and then have it taken in a bit if necessary?

Hiya hun i ordered my dress 2 weeks ago in a size smaller than i am now theyve told me they can alter it 4 sizes if necessary also if u go for a ace up style theyre a size either side also xx
I am also in the same situation as yourself. I was supposed to be having my measurements done for my dress two weeks ago but I put it off until nest tuesday. I have asked the shop if I can order the next size down but they are not really happy ro do it. So when I go I will just have to tell them that I will have to. I have got about 5 stone to lose I would have liked to have ordered two dress sizes down but I am just worried that I may not lose my weight. I hope you get everything sorted tc xx;)


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Perhaps you could speak to the Wedding Assistants who will be able to give you advice on a particular style that can be altered without effecting its beauty???? I was told a dress can be taken in but there's only teeny weeny seams to let things out if its not big enough xxx
S: 17st11lb C: 16st1lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 35.2 Loss: 1st10lb(9.64%)

Thanks for all your replies!
i am going for a fitting today so i will see what they say and let you know what i decide!



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G: 10st0lb
Hiya, I am in the same sort of situation, except I am bridesmaid not a bride. Anyway, the lady in our bridal shop has done Lighter Life so she knows that it is possible to loose the weight quickly and advised me on the types of dresses that she can take in from a large size to a smaller size. The dress we picked in the end was a size 24 and she said she could (although it would be a lot of work! and cost about £45 in alterations) take it into a 12 if I wanted! So reassuring.

DOnt forget for about 15-30 pounds a dress you might be able to order on express delivery which is 8 weeks delivery. Just make sure you allow enough time for alterations. Mine is going to be fitted to me 10 days before the wedding and then Im hoping ill only loose about 7 pounds in that 10 days max, which shouldnt really affect the fit of the dress.

Good LUck and please dont let this worry you, i know some bridal shops dont believe brides to be's as they probably see a lot of people put on weight/stay the same when they tell them they are going to loose. Its a whole different story when they need to take them out.

Also when we tried them on some of the size 28's didnt fit me. I am a 22/24 now, so dont be put off by the sizes!! Good Luck, and look forward to seeing your dress. This is supposed to be a happy time for you, not sad, so pick that beautiful dress, make sure it can be taken in, even if you have to go to a private dressmaker. You will look stunning on your big day and youll not be big doing this diet! Good Luck and big hugs!
Hi I know where your coming from i got married on july 28th last yr and we ordered our dresses at the end of march as they were then due in june but came end of may. my bridesmaid then needed an extra panel of material so we had to get that sent off and didnt find that out till a month before our wedding but thankfully the warehouse had some and it came within the week.

this yr i have the same prob as u as i am now going to be matron of honor for my bridesmaid on aug 15th and she wants to order the dresses in april but i have nooooo idea how to do my dress size. they are brilliant at alterations tho so i really dont think its going to be a problem bringing the dresses down a couple of sizes but i found that its really hard explaining to them that your doing such a good diet where the weight falls off that you can at least be 98.9% certain your going to need a dress which is a couple of sizes smaller than you are now.

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