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Wedding Dress Challenge

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Hi Everyone,

I have never been on a website like this but probably like many people have been struggling with my weght for years. I am getting married at the end of July 2012 and the time is fast approaching that i need to start looking at a dress.

I have wanted to get married for so long and have found a great guy, but i am starting to get stressed about how i will look, there is such pressure to look perfect.

My issue is the more i think about dieting and healthy eating the more i end up eating!!! i am a pure emoitonal dieter.

I am going to try lipotrim as i really need to kick start my diet, loosing few pound a week is no good i need to see real results or i just get unmotivated..... i aim to go wedding dress shopping mid novemeber, so roughly have 2 months and would love to loose 1.5 -2 stone by then, not sure if this is even possible.

My stats are, 5 foot 8 inces, and 32 years old

20/9/2011- 15 STONE 4LBS...

I really need to loose 4 stone as i am very overweight, i am a size 16 on top and 18 on bottom and because of my height i prob have hidden my height well, but the thought of fitting into a wedding dress and looking back on photos and regretting not doing something is spuring me on,,,,

If there is anyone else out there who has just started or perhaps any brides to me who want to keep in touch to motivate each other i would be really greatful.

the site and its members seem so good at motivating each other and thats just what i need,

thanks everyone will let you know how i get on !!:)
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Hi there

Like you I am getting married and dreading the flabby bride pictures so have jumped on the lipotrim wagon too.

Im a size 18 at the moment and would love to get down to size 14 or even a 12 if at all possible.

Best of luck
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hi Zerotohero,

great to hear i am not alone in this, should really be trying on dresses now, but do not want to until lost weight,i am hoping to loose 2 stone by the end of nov and am going to start this weekend, as my fiance said tonight, you only have this one chance and this one day and dont look back and regret and its so true,,,,

How are you getting on ?


Determind dieter :D
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Same here ladies... I'm getting married on 29th August 2012 and don't want to look back at my wedding photo's wishing if only I'd done something about my weight. So back on the lipotrim I go. Good luck to everyone x x x
S: 16st5lb C: 15st4lb G: 11st12lb BMI: 34.5 Loss: 1st1lb(6.55%)
Oh I know what you mean.Everyone keeps asking about the dress and I have an idea of what I want but I cant even face going to a bridal shop at the moment because I know it would end in tears.

So I am leaving it til January as hopefully I will be about 4 stone down by then - (please, please pretty please)

Have signed up for a bootcamp starting in 2 weeks so am stuck between dreading it and looking forward to it


Determind dieter :D
S: 20st1.3lb C: 20st1.3lb G: 17st2lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I know what you mean zerotohero its not nice going into wedding shops as the assistants aren't always the erm...how shall I say this ....the most tactful of people! I am making myself go and look now purely as I know I'm gonna hate what I see starring back at me in the mirror and hopefully that will spur me on in the right direction :) x
S: 16st5lb C: 15st4lb G: 11st12lb BMI: 34.5 Loss: 1st1lb(6.55%)
I took a picture of myself at the heaviest and then a picture of the wedding dress I want and have stuck them on my crap press and on my mirror so hopefully will keep me motivated.

How are you getting on today? I actually feel a bit queezy but not sure why:(
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Hi Girls, All I can say is really, really try to keep to it, I didn't lose weight for my wedding, in fact I put it on and had to alter the dress the week before the wedding to make it bigger by a couple of inches and I felt yuk all day long because I was sure people could see where I had let the dress out. Honestly, keep with it. Elaine
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Hi Lorraine,

You defo can lose 2 stone by nov ... Just stick in there .. I only discovered LT 10 weeks before my wedding with no dress bought ... Because like you the thoughts of dress shopping over weight was unthinkable ... So I did 6 weeks of LT and lost 2st 5lbs .. I am 5'6 and was 14st 2 starting! My wedding pic is my profile pic (so I did buy one lol and had it custom
Made to my meausenents 3 weeks before the wedding!) and I was so happy and comfortable on the day not worrying about flab .. And just feeling like I was wearing a dress on my terms!

My only regret is not finding LT sooner as I would have loved to be back to 11st ... But have to say I am back 6 days from Honeymoon and I am on day 5 of LT (round 2) it is that good .. So I will see 11st for Christmas and my gift to myself will be to keep it off for the 1st wedding anniversary!!

Good luck and stick with it cause this diet is not easy and somedays your ready for giving in but remember how you will feel the feeling on the wedding day with the dress you wanted not just the one that fitted or hit the flab!

Sorry for the long ramble but cannot tell you enough how happy LT made me :)))


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