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Wedding dress shopping again!!

This is a very self indulgent post, I'm afraid.

A bit of background: last summer when we had a family reunion (Only see family every 12months or so as we're spread all over europe) and took mum, Aunty & Sis to bridal shop. The shop ladies asked me to pick out the dresses I liked to try on. They then proceded to tell me that I'd not be able to try them on as they wouldn't go!! They then bought 2 fat dresses out from the back - a size 20 & 22 respectively. I was a size 14-16 at the time, and was pretty horrified, especially when they said I'd never get in anything less than a 16 as I have big bones!!! :eek::eek::eek:

It was the most humiliating experience of my life, made worse by the fact it was my only chance to try dresses on with my family.

Fast forwards to today, 2 stone lighter, feeling fab, in the bestest bridal shop ever. The female equivalent of Gok Wan was dressing me, and I found the dress of my dreams. The best bit? A size 12 (from the same designer as those original dresses) and according to her, the fit was perfect!! I felt so slim I cried. :)

Here it is, I know how much you love a good piccy! (Wasn't allowed to take any of me as haven't paid yet).

So now, I seem to be struggling with SS. I actually looked nice today, do I really need to lose another stone and a half or even more? My mum hasn't seen me recently but has told me not to lose my curves. And if I do carry on SS should I order in a size 10, seeing as the 12 is perfect now?? :confused:

I'm just having a wobble, would murder for some ben & jerrys whilst I watch the mighty boosh & don't tell the bride later!! :rolleyes:
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Fed up of being fat
Its a beautiful dress, I love it!!

Dont eat the ben and jerrys!! (says she who ate the new toblerone fruit and nut lastnight, oops!)!!! But seriously leave the food alone cause you are doing great and going to look fab!!
That is sooo gorgeous and elegant you are going to look like a million dollars. To continue or not is a tricky one as we each have to decide what weight we are comfortable at but DON'T eat the Ben & Jerry's!!

Hmmmm, yes Ben & Jerrys is very bad, will not go there!

But seriously, don't know what to do with regard to diet. Last week I lowered goal to 9 stone, this week I think I may put it up to 10. I think I am just having problems detaching myself from curvy me, and can't visualise the new slim me (in a few months).
Pony that dress is GORGEOUS and you're gonna look amazing in it!!!! I agree with the girls you should just diet until you are happy and comfortable with the person you see looking back at you in the mirror. You're tall like me and i've only ever been under 10stone once in my adult like and i looked very thin and gaunt i was a size 8 on top and a 10 on bottom now at 5ft 8 with broad shoulders that just doesnt work and people were very worried that i had lost way too much weight so this time i am only dieting til my bmi is in the 25's which is 12 1/2 stone for me and i'll be extremely happy to be a 12/14!! So you do whatever makes you happy hun!!
Apart from knowing the Ben & Jerry is bad, bad, bad, I would hesitate to give anybody any diet advice.

I just wanted to say that the dress is a stunner, absolutely gorgeous. Wonderful choice.
i love the dress, funny enough ive been googling wedding dresses this week, and loveeee san patrick dresses, and of course elie saab,,, listen girlie, stay away from anything FATTing!!! you want to look stunning and shock everyone, and in that dress you sure will, you have worked so hard and need to carry on, if you want to stop where you are you need to ask yourself are you happy with the look or do you wanna look better, i decided to do this diet coz i thought there is no way im gonna look like a fat so and so in my wedding, specially after my engagement photos... so good luck xxx


please try again
wow that dress is stunning!
ur going to look so amazing on ur special day, make sure ur family have the hankies at the ready
I used to work in a bridal shop so can I offer my opinion? Firstly most wedding dresses are sized differently from high st sizes and a size 12 wedding dress is usually like a high st 10!! Well done!!! In my opinion girls with a few curves look better in wedding dresses so although you have to be what you feel happy with yourself don't struggle to lose more weight thinking the dress will look better in a smaller size. A size 12 wedding dress is a lovely size and you should be proud of yourself. If you do lose some more weight the dress should be able to be altered by up to 2 sizes

Hope this helps! You've chosen a lovely dress and very flattering style. You'll look gorgeous in it!


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