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Wedding Dress shopping

Good Morning girls!

Just a quick question re Wedding Dress shopping, when should we start looking?? Don't want to start too early or too late! When are the summer dresses in stock?

Our wedding date is 30/6/2012. I'm living in Spain and afraid I won't get a dress to fit as I have read on some wedding forums here that some shops only stock sizes 6, 8, and 10, OMG!!! May have to go home to get dress.
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I ordered mine 6 months in advance as was advised by the shop. I have no idea about what other shops do.

But I can tell you that being French, I never considered buying my wedding dress in France (where my mum, sister and grandmother could have joined me). French women are so thin, they'd never have had my size, and I bet it's the same in Spain :(
It really depends on what you may go for...

Are you happy to buy and off the peg dress? Or do you want something designer that might not be so common? Designer bridal shops will usually only have one sample in and your dress will have to be made which usually takes at least six months, then you have to allow for multiple fittings and that you do not know how long it will take to find "the one." I know someone who tried on around 80 dresses, yet my sister went with the first one she tried on which was perfect.

If you don't know what style you would want, I would start about a year in advance, casually trying on different styles as there are many types - ballgown, princess, column, mermaid... and many designers sold in this country are international rather than British. Then once you have worked out what style you are going for you can go to shops with the intention of trying specific dresses in that style. In the meantime, you could start looking at magazines and websites for inspiration and keep cut outs of colours and styles you think will suit you.

If you are on a budget look out for sample sales, yes they have been tried on many times before but if you don't mind that then you can pick up a designer dress at half the price. Bear in mind though that you have to have a fairly standard dress size body...

I think the biggest mistake I have seen brides make (I work in the wedding industry) is not sticking to the rules you follow in normal clothes shopping. If you are the sort of person who looks hideous in a 50s style sticky outy skirt, then you will likely look hideous in a huge princess dress - it does not change! Stick to what you know looks great to make sure you are comfortable and you will definitely end up looking a million dollars.

Hope that helps! Of course, dress shopping is one of the most exciting bits, so start when you want to ;)

Oh, and being in Spain you have Pronovias, Barcelona based wedding dress designers who make STUNNING dresses!

As far as I know they go up to an American Size 28..but remember when trying on that most wedding dress sizes come up small so try one bigger than what you wear everyday...
Thanks Elie and MissO!!! Don't want to start until Spring, don't want them saying to me "oh we don't have your size here"!! I would dieeeeeee to hear that!!


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To be honest, it's not great here either! I'm a size 20 and the shops have very limited stock in 22. I had to try on smaller sizes with lace up back so I could see what they look like.

I'm now dieting like mad as I have ordered my dress in a size smaller and it's arriving in march. I'm looking forward to trying on my dress and it fitting!!


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Hey Melarnz! I had the same problem with some (snooty ;)) shops, but then I found one who actually advertised the fact that they have big sizes in stock. Sure, the shop doesn't look as trendy as the posh ones, but the dress are beautiful and the people so nice that I had a great time trying on plenty of dresses :)

Because I'm doing a VLCD, I ordered mine in a size 22 (instead of 28 or something like that) and I am very close to the size 22 already :eek: Thank God, I was told that my dress could easily go down 3 sizes, but still, I wish I had started losing before starting the dress shopping:(

Which type of dress are you looking for NewLife4Me?
I've no idea really, I've been browsing dresses on bridal websites,i know what I don't want...big volume, flouncy dresses, no thanks!
Because it will be about 30dgrees , so I want something light, that also means no sleaves... So my entire body must be looking good!


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I've no idea really, I've been browsing dresses on bridal websites,i know what I don't want...big volume, flouncy dresses, no thanks!
Because it will be about 30dgrees , so I want something light, that also means no sleaves... So my entire body must be looking good!
So no pressure then :p
I'm getting married in Antigua. I have chosen the maggie sottero Zoe. It is Really flattering, light weight, designer but not the most expensive. It is strapless (but I am adding some chiffon straps for distraction) the shape is lovely and it has swarkzky crystals in a pattern that is really pretty!

I fell in love with it! If u can find one, try it on!

The problem I had was that I had no intention of buying from a bridal shop, I went just to appease my mum. Then when I found this dress I fell in love with it. There is also a dress called martina which is the same but with more satin underneath which is fuller and has a longer train (more suited to this country)

I then didn't have time to go to different shops as I was running out of time.
Aw Melarnz Maggie Sottero dresses are gorgeous!!

I would really recommend just going in and trying one of each style, it will save you time in the long run!
my dress x

I'm getting married June 2nd 2011. We r in Antigua and fly out on the 24th may.

I'm pretty panicy as I'm still huge and am going to do a vlcd to lose a bit before the wedding. Started today.

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