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Wedding first dance songs

We had Sam Cooke's What a wonderful world it would be.

We have very different tastes in music but found it surprisingly easy to agree on that as a track - We both like it, it's romantic, pretty classic and nice and short if you're a bit nervous of dancing in front of everyone.


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It was suppossed to be Billy Joel - Just The Way You Are, we asked the DJ for it in advance, he said he had it no worries but when it came on it was Barry White's version!

Lovely day though :)

Mrs Z

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We had Angels by Robbie Williams because it was the first dance we ever slow danced to together :)
Weird -that's the same one I had my first dance to with my husband when we first met. When I say dance - he just swayed around in a circle!

Our first dance at the wedding was Paul Weller, You Do Something To Me.
i'd like either Robert Pattinson - Sign or Peter Andre - Kiss the Girl (the little mermaid song)

although i should probably start focusing on finding someone willing to marry me before i start planning the wedding details.


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We had Groovy kind of Love by Phil Collins. Just as the song kicked in we had an exploding balloon detonated by the DJ and was showered by confetti.
We had 4 musicians playing cello to do music while our guests were arriving, for pre-dinner drinks and for the ceremony itself. As our "exit" song as we walked out of the service back up the aisle, they played It must be Love by Madness (hubby liked ska way back then and we're that kind of age.

We'd liked it when the cellists demo'ed it to us as it was kind of familiar but it takes you a few moments to realise what it is as it sounds different on cello.

Anyway, as we walk out, we see people look puzzled for a moment as they try to place the tune. One of hubby's cousins, shouts out triumphantly - and loudly - when he guesses it - "it's Madness!"

At which point his pensioner dad stood next to him, who has clearly never heard of Madness tells him to be quiet and have some respect, that marriages are a serious business and if he doesn't like it he should keep it to himself! It took a bit of explaining before he understood his son wasn't being phenomenally rude! We couldn't stop laughing.
lol - bless him hehe x


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Well before my ex girlfriend became an insecure cheating slag......... sorry everyone. We decided after nearly a decade of being together to get married. But before we even had a chance to arrange anything the previously mentioned happened.

She wanted to have Angels by Robbie Williams, because first time we danced together I quietly sung the words to her. I said it was too cheesey and Robbie is a prick.

I said I wanted Steel Panther - Community Property. As a joke. Enough said.

But we finally settled on Annies Song - John Denver. As it is the song that makes us both all lovely dovey and we spent our first time together to this song. It was also coincidently her parents wedding song.


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Iris is a fantastic song. But is it really appropriate for a wedding song?
We're having "because you loved me" by Celine Dion - my choice - as the words just sum up everything my partner has done for me! He's my rock and I literally everything i am because of him!

I think the key is to find a song you both like, one that's special to you both OR one with lyrics that really jump out. xx
Iris is a fantastic song. But is it really appropriate for a wedding song?

I dont know the song - but Id say as long as its a song you both like/enjoy/has meaning etc etc then you can have whatever song you want x


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True. So long as you think about what the song means to you. And not the reality of it being a depressing song.


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We were going to have Follow you Follow Me by Genesis , but ended up with Every River by Runrig . OMG I'm showing my age now.

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