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Wedding imminent, but really it's long term weight loss that I want

So, this is my first post (I just didn't know what to write as an intro in the intro bit! Maybe I should've written this. Anyway...)

Long story short, I bought my wedding dress last xmas, blithely thinking it would all be fine... but when I tried it on a few weeks ago, it didn't fit any more. Argh!

My weight does tend to fluctuate a lot over time and I've lost and gained more times than I can remember. So I've got two projects here...firstly to look good on my wedding day, but secondly, to find a way of losing weight and keeping it off!

In the short term, i'm sort of over my initial panic. There's definitely some changes that can be made with alterations (have booked all that in) but for it to look good, I need to lose weight.

To be honest, I'd like to lose some anyway, and I'd like to use this dress as a motivator!

I don't want to weigh myself as that's something I've tended to get really stressed and obsessive out over in the past and don't want to go down that road. So, I'm going to go by how the dress fits/my clothes fit generally.

I'm currently a size 14 but want to be a size 10-12. The dress is about that, but can be expanded up to a roomy 12, says the dress alterations guy I'm working with.

I'm guessing I need to lose about a stone for the dress to fit as is, but with alterations, probably more like half a stone for the wedding itself... though I'd definitely like to go beyond that so I'm at least (or rather, at most!) a comfy size 12.

That's where I'm happiest and - for reference, in case dress sizes aren't very helpful to others, given how much they vary from shop to shop! - probably about 10 to ten and a 1/2 stone. I'm five foot four so that's at the upper end of my healthy range, but I think any lower than that is just asking for a miserable life to be honest - don't think my body likes being much below that :sigh:

Anyway.... I thought it would be nice to find a support forum and have pootled around here reading stuff for a bit, and everyone seems v nice and helpful. I am pretty scared, as this seems such an intimate thing to share with complete strangers... but from what I've gathered snooping around this forum, it does help!

In terms of the diet I'm going to follow, well, I reckon that's the least important part - because it's sticking to the bugger that's hard, not choosing which one! I'm going to go for yer basic calorie counting plus exercise.

What I really struggle with is the psychological side of it - finding a balance between sticking to my plan but not beating myself up if I slip up, and being able to get back on the horse.

Does anyone else have problems with this? It'd be really good to talk about it. :eek:

Anyway, that's probably enough waffle. I'm going to have some more of a look around and see what people have talked about in the past :)

Anyone got any threads they'd recommend about dealing with emotional eating/the psychological side of sticking to a diet?
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Welcome! I've been lurking and writing and then lurking some more on these boards for the best part of this year. I first came upon it when i was trying a VLCD, being very skeptical about the whole thing, i wanted some reassurance so i came here got some support, unfortunately i got quite ill (not necessarily because of the diet - still not sure what caused it) and so left the dieting and just lurked for a bit. Since June though i have been on weight watchers and have come back so i am now on a different part of the forum - usually i look through the WW thread and the bridal thread as i too am getting married (july 2011 for me). So you might want to have a look through some of the threads and see which one suits you best.

I can completely sympathise with the emotional eating. Was doing really well with WW then got news that i needed to change jobs, had uni stuff i needed to sort out, moved house and the h2b moved in, lets just say that since August life has been very hectic, so got a bit off course but am back on the horse and things are again picking up :)

Well good luck and i hope you find a home on one of the threads, there are some really lovely people on here and you will be really well supported. I haven't been slatted once and i have had some major blips!
Thanks very much for replying - I'm touched, thanks! It is reassuring to know that people are in teh same boat I guess. Good luck with your wedding planning! (I'm in the "aaaargh" stage at the moment! But it's fun too!)

x Alex x

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Thanks very much for replying - I'm touched, thanks! It is reassuring to know that people are in teh same boat I guess. Good luck with your wedding planning! (I'm in the "aaaargh" stage at the moment! But it's fun too!)

me too!!! i'm a size 14 and have been trying to get to size10 for about 5 years - got to do it this time, - its now or never!

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