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  1. Hi all,
    I got married last may and wore a princess dress, which was strapless and showed my arms etc, it was figure hugging.

    I'm now planning on downsizing from a 16-10

    One thing that really worries me is if I look back at my wedding photos and hate them because I was bigger in them?? Anyone else felt like this? Can anyone give me a different perspective on how I feel??
    Thanks in advance
    Kymberley xxx
    P.s. if I knew how to post pictures I would upload some :s
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  3. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    Will losing weight change the way you think about your wedding day?? Or will you look at those photos and think "that was a fantastic day, and I'm even happier now because I'm slimmer and healthier and in an even better position to have a long and happy marriage"? So many people look back on their wedding photos and wish they were that slim now! Seriously, don't even give it a second thought, your wedding day is a fixed point in time and nothing you do going forward will change what it was like - but you can change your future and if being slimmer is what you want, don't use a set of photos as an excuse to hold yourself back!! And there'll be plenty of other photos in your future, so look forward to them, not back. :) xx
  4. Thanks Tracy, that's made me look at it a different way and makes me feel much happier, thanks. I suppose I have more things to look forward to. We are going to try for a baby in late October :) I want to be a yummy mummy not a fatty mummy!!!
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  5. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    And you will be, and you'll have some fantastic photos taken with your baby! But your wedding photos will always be special no matter how much you change. Glad I could help a little bit. :) xx
  6. RawrGirl

    RawrGirl Regained. :(

    You could also do a shoot in your dress (and have it taken in) at a park or some beautiful setting. RawrGirl thought about doing that as she was quite depressed over it for awhile. But now (2+ years later and almost at goal), it doesn't bother her as much and she has some wedding photos she likes, so she is just planning a sexy photo shoot when she reaches goal.
  7. huwiesmummy

    huwiesmummy Gold Member

    I'm planning the same. When heavier I had some shots done and when I get them I plan to put all of them up together to remind me how far I've come.
  8. Thankyou, how do I upload pics :s xx
  9. Can I upload pics with the phone app?? Xx
  10. Okay, I realise where I've gone wrong, I've been using my iPad not my phone!!! It won't let me upload a pic but that could be cuz I'm newish lol xx
  11. huwiesmummy

    huwiesmummy Gold Member

    Yep you need 50 posts to post photos.
  12. huwiesmummy

    huwiesmummy Gold Member

    Here are my wedding photos from July 2008



    And me last month.


    I don't hate my wedding photos. I'll admit I never was happy with them but that didn't ruin my wedding I had a lovely day.
  13. huwiesmummy

    huwiesmummy Gold Member

  14. When I get to 50 I'm posting a pic!!! Who knows by then I may be able to do a before and after shot like you huwies!!

    You look fab, on your day and now :)
  15. huwiesmummy

    huwiesmummy Gold Member

    Hehe thanks. I found going to the before and after part of the fourm was an easy way to up posts. Also a great inspiration.
  16. Ooh I can't wait till my weigh in on Thursday :)

    ill have a look at them,now
    fingers crossed I have a loss :s

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