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  1. margaretmc

    margaretmc Gold Member

    Hi Everybody
    I have a friend that lives in Japan and shes getting married next month and I have to buy her a wedding present and send it to Japan . I haven't got a clue what to buy them and Id like to know if any of you would have any suggestions I would be very grateful . Take care .
    Margaret xx
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  3. Moonpig

    Moonpig Member


    I had same problem but i decided on a crystal vase as they a year in there new house and have no vases but i was split between that and a mother of pearl photo frame at first - sounds expensive doesnt it but they both not the vase is 50 euro and the frame (5x7) 23.99 euros so cheaper in sterling.

    Good Luck

  4. margaretmc

    margaretmc Gold Member

    Hi Vicky
    I was up the town yesterday looking at photo frames and Willow Tree statues of a loving couple they were lovely but the only thing I didn't like about them was they didn't have a face . A vase sounds nice I must take a look at them on Monday . Thank you for you in put . Take care .
    Margaret xx
  5. Moonpig

    Moonpig Member

    No probs hin, another thing is the willow statue things on a website called northern lights there carved figurenes out of willow and my whole family sends them to eachother there beautiful small yet say alot and the wedding one is gorgeous my aunt just got it a year ago

  6. rainbow

    rainbow Gold Member

    what bout a nice album for them to put ther wedding piccies in xxx
  7. mini-mummy

    mini-mummy Full Member

    An album would be nice, an easy to post. A photo frame would be nice but may break. You could look for something personalised, lots of ideas on ebay. What about something traditional for here, like a horse shoe etc.
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