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Wedding rings?


WILL be Slim!
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Although i have only been doing this for a couple of weeks, i have noticed my wedding ring getting really lose and my wrists getting thinner....

Is this just me?

I would much prefer the fat to come from my arse or belly....but no, i have the skinniest part of me....even skinnier! lol

Sods law probably but just wondered if anyone else noticed the same thing!

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Don't worry, be happy :)
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Hey Lizz, i'm not on cambridge but i've lost just over 40lbs since July last year and just had to take my rings to the jewelers to get them resized down 4 sizes!
Isn't it annoying that you can't choose where to lose the fat from :rolleyes:.


Laugh, love, live!
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eerrrrrrm no!! lol, my arse and belly are shrinking but my wedding ring is still firmly where the OH put it lol I think with a soldering iron lol


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when i was pregnantmy finger swelled up and my rings wouldn't fit. For 8 months after they still wouldn't fit but now they do.


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i used to wear a ring on each little finger and now they are on my middle and third finger. my bracelet used to be really tight and i had to stop wearing it and now it is a third the way down my wrist when i hold my arm up. i have also found that my feet have gone from a 7 to a 6 in shoes and from 7 to a 5 1/2. has anyone else had this? x x


WILL be Slim!
S: 14st0lb C: 13st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 0st7lb(3.57%)
yup, my shoe size dropped when i lost weight last year from a 7 to a 6!
Shucks....had to buy MORE shoes! ;)
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Yeah, I noticed the weight loss first in my wrists and ankles - which I hadn't thought were fat until I lost weight from them...
Luckily the belly and arse did catch up (not as skinny as I'd like, but some people are never happy:p)
Good luck with your CD journey:)



Totally Focused
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I've had to take off all my rings as they were falling off and I was scared of losing them. I was also wearing my husband's wedding ring and taking that off has been the worst in many ways as that still kept him close to me. All part of moving on I suppose! I still have about 3 stone to go to goal so I don't want to have my rings resized until then. Apart from the cost, it's not good to have them altered too many times. So I'm now a ringless widow - and that's so strange!


Silver Member
Yep - my rings are getting loose. My wedding ring is quite thick and it now tends to sit on a slant. Fortunately my knuckle is still in the way! I will wait until I am at target to get them resized so I guess I might have to get a chain to put them on until then.


wants a pony
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Im glad im not the only one who thought they were going mad when their shoe size shrunk! Didn't realise i needed to lose any weight off my feet lol! Grandma, couldn't you wear your rings on a chain to keep them close to you? x


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I couldn't fit into mine!! now wearing my engagment ring again, but wedding ring still a bit tight, but can wear it, just feels tight at the end of the day!! still 2 stone heavier than when married nearly 9 yr ago!!

And yes to shoes lol

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