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wedding skinny for 2010!!

I'm trying to lose weight for my 2010 wedding too. Where are you getting married? Is it a church wedding?
I'm getting married in Florida in Sept, good luck with you weight loss.
Hi ladies, I'm getting married on July 2010, a while off still but I'm dreading going dress shopping because I'm a size 20, messed the diet around for a couple of weeks but am back on since yesterday and determined this time to get down to a size 16 by June to start looking at dresses.

wwqueen did you have fun dress shopping??

Stay strong everyone :)
im getting married in may 2010 and i want to be a size 12, im currently a 16, verging into 18s. ive already got my size 12 dress, bit early i guess but it was a total bargain so had to get it!!
im just trying to cut out the rubbish and reduce portion sizes, im not following a particular plan although i might try slimfast maybe. my trouble is lack of willpower and im also an emotional eater. ive recently had a hysterectomy and have some problems from it so walking is the only exercise im allowed at the mo so im doing 45 mins everyday with the dog!
Hello all, I am a July 2010 wedding too!! Currently a size 20 aiming to get in a sixteen dress.
(oh how i would love a sixteen dress)
Doing Rosemary Connolly and I am under a dietician too where I have already lost 5st 9lb. Need another 5st minimum but little steps! I will get there.

So how are you all finding dress shopping? My main issue is not being able to try the dresses on as most bridal shops only have 10,12 and odd 14's in store. Although got my first appointment to try on dresses in July at a dress which specialises in size 16 - 38 ladies. So will just have to see how I get on.

How is everyones planning going?


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Hi, I'm getting married on 6 Feb 2010! I thought I had loads of time to lose weight but OMG its only 9 months now!!

I was 18st and in a 20/22 three weeks ago. A friend got me onto the Cambridge Diet and I have lost 17lbs in 3 weeks! Feeling so good.

I've chosen my dress (not ordered it but I have to by September) it will look so beautiful in a smaller size. Going to try it on again on Tuesday 26 May to see how it looks when I'm (hopefully) 2 stone lighter!!
So how are we all getting on with the planning for our 2010 weddings? Other than getting the dress of my dreams I am pretty much a wedding junkie! Anything weddings i can't help but read and write down notes.

Cars, cake, invitations, venue, church - all done! I am so wedding mad LOL

How are you all getting on?
Hi ladies, I've only just signed up as I've just got engaged. Following a rather embarrassing ring buying session (thanks to my chubby fingers) I've been majorly spurred on. I'd love your support and if people could help monitor my progress that will be an incentive to do well!!! Would love to hear from you x
Hello ladies sounds like your all doing well or are on your way! my wedding is on 5 june 2010! i am determined to buy a size 10 dress, currently a 14/16, the thing that makes me die is that the dresses come up so small! i have just started lipotrim my mum done it and lost 4 stone kept off 3 which aint bad! Good luck everyone!

kelly x
Hello! Well still not tried on a frock as of yet but i am very determined, however just had the worst weekend food wise. It went all to cock and i had takeaways and everything! Grr. Back on the wagon now though. I will be wedding skinny for 2010!

Welcome Mandine. Don't worry about the ring, I had the same problem. Just think you can have it made teeny tiny when you loose your weight. xx


hi i am slao geting married in july 2010 can you give me any tips on loseing the wight i want to get down to 9st atm i am 13st and 2.5lb Anna
Hi Anna24. What date in July? I am 17th.

I am doing Rosemary Connelly at the min, portion sizes, calorie control and less than 5% fat rule. Just trying to increase my excercise too as you can see from my ticker I have loads to loose. I don't think I will reach goal by my wedding but looking to loose at least a couple of stone.


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Hi everyone - im new !!!

IM getting married Nov 2010 and have a lot of weight to lose - any advice, diets ??

Sarah x
Portion control!! Best advice I was ever given. Switch to a smaller plate and have minimum half as vegies / salad and pile it up, qtr carbs (pasta,spuds etc) qtr protein (meat, fish, quorn etc). Snacks should be less than 150 calories and 5% fat.


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Thanks I have chosen to use a Healthy eating Diet that will also become part of my lifestyle. I will deffo use the portion control also that is some brill advice and along with my 3 day cardio workout i will be sexy slim for my wedding :)
Hi Guys
I'm a new one I have 56lbs to loose, yikess!!! I'm getting married 15th Aug 2010, but I would like to loose the weight asap and just maintain.
I have to order "the" dress by Dec. I am really stressed out as I dont know whether to do the Cambridge Diet or the Martha Vineyard. What is working for you guys at the moment.


i have been using "stackers" in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet and excerise regime, it got me 4 and a half stone down since October last year, its a legal suppliment used by body builders, its got caffeine in. it surpresses your appertite and increases your metabolism and gives you a rush of energy so you can work out easier ,.harder and for longer, i would be lost without it now. it truly works ( after my body building friend recommended it to me) and in turn about half a dozen people i know use it in conjunction with excerise. and would not part with it now.
after 9-10 months of dieting i find i fill up on smaller portions, i find dieting no problem at all , no strain, as my stomach has probably shrunk due to cutting out snacks and reducing portions!)
hello all how are our wedding plans coming along then?

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