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  1. skinnybride2013

    skinnybride2013 Silver Member

    Hi all,

    I was a devoted slimming world-er for years but as you can see in my sig/stats (need to clear it but on phone) it just hasn't worked for me this time so on a recommendation from a friend am trying low carb.

    Started on the 1st weighing in at 10.9 with a target of 9.7 (for now) wedding is in May and want to be more like 9.3-9.5 by then.

    So far, so good with one slip up on sat night. Am struggling with on the move work lunches if anyone has any suggestions? Particular stuff I can buy out from M&S/sainsburys etc :)

    Will be weighing myself weekly at home and reporting back. Have also started 30 day shred did it at the start of the year so going for round 2 but won't be everyday - wish me luck!
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  3. skinnybride2013

    skinnybride2013 Silver Member

    Ok so think I'm doing ok altho I am still having one or 2 cups of coffee/tea with milk a day, if I cut it out completely I know I'll give up...scales are showing a loss already and will be a week tomorrow so will confirm then :)
  4. moonlights

    moonlights Gold Member

    Switch to unsweetened alpro soya milk? Tastes great in tea to me and practically zero carb.

    Re work lunches from m&s - they do individual chicken legs, packs of flaked poached salmon, mini cheeses, some of their flavored chicken bites are ok, they do great £1 packs of ham, salami, beef etc which you can put with some cheese and a salad. They also do green salads with egg and potato - just leave the potato.

    Pret a manger do a crayfish 'no bread sandwich' which is great (the others in the range contain carbs).
  5. skinnybride2013

    skinnybride2013 Silver Member

    Thanks for the great suggestions.

    Weigh-in result 1st week -4lbs down to 10.5 :) woo hoo! Am really happy after having quite a few carbs on sat.

    This week going to stick to what I have and only have any real carbs such as fruit or oats in the morning for breakfast.
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  6. skinnybride2013

    skinnybride2013 Silver Member

    Did round 3 of level 1 of 30 DS yesterday am aiming for 30 sessions in 60 days (so before Xmas) as that will fit in better.
  7. rjg123

    rjg123 Silver Member

    Hey skinny bride - well done on a great first week. I, like you, did low carb for my wedding just over 3 months ago now. It worked a treat and made me feel slimmer - i only did low carb kn the last few months though as id fallen off the ww wagon earlier.
    Like you i did still have a bit of skimmed milk in hot drinks and had the odd bit of fruit.
    Im back on the wagon again after finding it a struggle to get back on track post wedding. I know a few low carb weeks will help me feel better for xmas though.
    Good luck! X
  8. skinnybride2013

    skinnybride2013 Silver Member

    Thanks for your post. Did have a bit of a slip up today by having a bit of birthday cake but back to it tomorrow. Yes I want to loose a good amount before Xmas then can pick it up again in Jan. good luck to you 2
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  9. skinnybride2013

    skinnybride2013 Silver Member

    Good day today, just one coffee and lots of water and chicken!

    Did an at home pilates DVD too which should hopefully do a bit of toning.
  10. skinnybride2013

    skinnybride2013 Silver Member

    1 more pound down to 10.4 which am happy with after the birthday cake on Sunday and a few glasses of wine.

    Did Pilates DVD again today and been good with food. Hoping for a couple off this week :)
  11. skinnybride2013

    skinnybride2013 Silver Member

    Major diet break today...I had a chocolate bar!

    Oh well it's done now, any suggestions on how to try and limit the damage are welcome!?!
  12. moonlights

    moonlights Gold Member

    The damage shouldn't be too bad, just drink plenty of water a d get right back on plan.
  13. skinnybride2013

    skinnybride2013 Silver Member

    Thanks moonlights, I will do!

    Today's work food consists of, handful of raspberries for breakfast and then Parma ham and Parmesan (25g) salad for lunch.

    Dinner I'm thinking shallow fried salmon fillet with green veg :)
  14. skinnybride2013

    skinnybride2013 Silver Member

    Not posted for a while, had a couple of meals that weren't strictly low carb but am now at 10st 2 lbs.

    Total loss so far of 7lbs want to be in the 9's by Xmas then can have a break till Jan
  15. skinnybride2013

    skinnybride2013 Silver Member

    So Janurary - back in action! Wedding is 5months away and I have 1 1/2 stone to loose after eating and drinking EVERYTHING through December!

    Today Wed 2nd - strawberries and a detox tea for breakfast

    Lots of water

    Lunch was Chicken salad dressing made from tbsp mayo, tsp mustard and lemon juice

    Nettle tea and more water

    Dinner Will be Omelette with bacon, spinach and 25g cheddar with some more lettuce
  16. skinnybride2013

    skinnybride2013 Silver Member

    So have been really good since New Year.

    No alcohol, no coffee and low carb!

    Scales are showing about 4lbs off already, roll on Wednesday for official weighin
  17. skinnybride2013

    skinnybride2013 Silver Member

    Been low carbing since jan, am now 11 pounds down :)

    Starting to reintroduce some good carbs like porridge and nuts and seeds still no caffeine or alcohol!
  18. skinnybride2013

    skinnybride2013 Silver Member

    So first month done, have lost 13lbs and not had any caffeine or alcohol. Tomorrow being 1st Feb I am allowing myself 1 real coffee a day which I have to have a little skimmed milk in and perhaps the odd decaf or tea every now and then.

    Hoping to loose another 8 pounds before first dress fitting in March but have birthdays and events through Feb and March which may slow me down.

    Any tips welcomed :)

    Does anyone know how carby butternut squash is?
  19. skinnybride2013

    skinnybride2013 Silver Member

    So into feb and had a few coffees and glasses of wine, am now a stone lighter (10st 0) than Jan 1st so going down slowly.

    This week going back to basics a bit as have planned nights off plan next week aiming for 2lbs off this week.

    Having fruit for breakfast a few days to see how that works too :)
  20. skinnybride2013

    skinnybride2013 Silver Member

    Week 6 on Wednesday and hoping to see a 9 on the scaled before v day night off the diet :)
  21. Donzy84

    Donzy84 Back to basics

    Well done! When are you getting married? I'm slimming for my sil wedding as I'm maid of honour, that's not until early may but I got 4 bdays, a 2 night hen and a holiday before then x

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