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WEDNESDAY - hour by hour

S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Yes! We were told that the other day at group!! I still intend to drink mostly clear though, as that is still better for all our little friends, the organs, but is ure does take some pressure of!!!

BL- you must be finding this diet easier than most if you managed to miss out a whole day :D
most of us are counting down the hours hehe.xxx


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S: 21st12lb C: 12st2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.1 Loss: 9st10lb(44.44%)
Morning Everyone!

Not even my managed my ususal litre today! which is so unlike me...... had a real bad nights sleep last night and think that is making me feel yuk today!!!!!!

I will sit here and keep guzzling
Morning all, still really busy today, but will try and catch up.

I wasn't told about the coffee at my meeting yesterday, but I will take it as a yes. For some reason I feel cold today so a few hot drinks will help.

Had my friend crying on the phone, her son had tried to commit suicide (he has always been a big problem) and he wont speak to her I think he is trying to get at her and she was destitute. Now feeling a bit guilty as she wanted me to stay at home and I just cant. I havnt been with the co. for that long. I told her I will ring her on and off today and she is going to the doctors for help.:wave_cry:

What with her and the daughter being upset, feel a bit drained. Oh well this is what real life is about and I now have to learn to cope with these things without the food, AND IT IS WORKING.

Hope you all have a good day if I dont get back. What a busy day you had yesterday. I never got to sleep till 12.30am reading it all.:)
hi, all,

Well I have my first week almost done with and I must admit the food is calling today, but I am sticking to it. Can't wait for group tonight to see how much I have lost in my first week.

Reading your posts reminded me to drink water. I haven't had any yet today!!!!! Need to get drinking....


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S: 21st12lb C: 12st2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.1 Loss: 9st10lb(44.44%)
Well done madandirish!!!!!!! for sticking with it... drink some water will help you.... my bit of advice would be don't try and drink all four litres before weigh in as sometimes that will affect the scales..... just a little tip....

I am here in work, have my crisps sat at my desk waiting for me, have to be honest not really that enthralled by them.... but have managed 3 litres so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very quite in work today so feeling abit lost....... and very tired..........

Well done Lady for sticking with it threw all the stress and not eating keep up the fantastic work...
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Hi Lady!

Well done you for not letting the stress get to you. Thats a very big acheivment and you shouldbe proud!!

I'm so sorry to hear the news of your friends son. Someone I know on another forum lost their son to suicide just before New Years, and he was ...is....devestated. It must be so very hard on your friend...thats no way to live, in fear of losing your child, and I imagine she must feel very helpless. She is lucky to have a friend like you.

I hope your daughter is coping OK too.....ach! Young love. WOuld not want to go through that again for all the gold in the kingdom!! And there is no telling them when they are young - that its all part of growing up.....for them, its just devestating. I remember some real heartaches when I was young, but looking back at who I cried over...lol...makes me laugh now!!

You have big shoulders for your friends, and it's nice that you are there for them. :)

Yesterday was busy!! I was reading like a lunatic when I got in from work!! hehe. It was erm, interesintg some of it!!

Have a great day and see you around later on!!
Thanks girls, feel quie chuffed with myself. Another time I would of probably not gone to work, but I need to keep my job otherwise I wont be able to pay for LL.

Aimee isnt too bad, planned a trip to see her friend and go clubbing. I dont think she was in love with him as they were too early on in the relationship, but I think it was the rejection that hurt. At least he said something now rather than a year down the line. Its a shame really as I really liked him.

Well done Manderish and good luck tonight, dont forget to let us know how you have got on.

Really busy at work (I thought to myself, you mean I have to work her too - what do they think I am:D).

Got a bad headache, think it more of a shoulder come neck ache really, feel like I have a band around the back of the head. Oh well keep taking the tablets. I dont worry as I have always been a headachey person otherwise I would be concerned.

Done 2 1/2 litres and just has Mush soup. Found that one of the best for mixing with just a fork. If the lumps dont go at first the seem to dissolve as you are drinking. Left my bar at home so will be famished when I get in.

Going to lunch in a mo so see you later.
PS yesterday there was a thread about sex or food.

Did you all get soooooo naughty that it had to be deleted as i cannot find it.:eek:
Hi All, done 3.5 litres so far! I didn't know that we can include the water in tea/coffee. I don't even drink tea or coffee, however was thinking of trying Peppermint tea for the first time today as I am feeling sooooo cold, so need to warm myself up. How's everyone?


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I didn't like peppermint tea at first, but I like it with a sweetener. Definitely helps warm you up.
Hi Alibongo, i had Peppermint tea about 1 hour agao and didn't like it :(. Mind u that was without sweetner! I have never been a tea/coffee person, just wanted to warm myself up.
S: 17st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 6st1lb(34.69%)
Good evening - well I'm 4.5 litres down and as per usual not had a pack yet so will go grab a soup in a minute.

I'm getting a bit addicted to this hot banana custard with the nut crunch mixed into it - and I'm not even a custard eater normally!

Had a good day today, seems to have gone pretty quickly and I've just been and had a quick run round Asda with my youngest lad and it's so good not even being tempted (today anyway!).

Mandarish good luck for tonight - great weigh in wishes being sent your way.

Lady you're a star comforting everyone - really sad news about your friends son, must be heartbreaking.
S: 17st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 6st1lb(34.69%)
Hi BL - I just literally mix the banana with some hot water till it goes to the consistency of custard - I've not tried blending it as I always fidn that that cools packs down --- I just mash any lumps against the side of the bowl as I'm stirring - there are usually some tiny ones left but once I've added the crumbled nut crunch on top you don't see/feel them.

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