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Wednesday Hour X Hour

Yeah I wondered where the thread was?:D

Well I am gonna need it today.

I have drunk 1 litre already.:tear_drop::tear_drop:

Hope everyone is OK, it is orrible and foggy in Berkshire today. I knew I shouldnt of bought those new sunglasses yesterday:eek:


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I'm here - feeling fed up to be honest. Got a black cloud hanging over my head that has been there for a few days and just won't go away.

My broken wrist and impact on the plan has not helped, but i have lost all confidence with work too. I spend the night feeling low and worried and get up in the morning feeling fed up.

I am trying to take it one day at a time.

Don't you just hate days/weeks like this? I know i will pull through and this too will pass but it don't half take its time doing it.
Oh Lemma sorry you feel so crap sending you a big hug:hug99:

and some positive vibes.


Hang on in there and spill it out if necessary.
Its really quiet today, well I am off to lunch for my 20min. Had 2 litres now and 1 soup.

Gonna wear my new sunglasses as it is shining brightly here.
Morning - I've been feeling blah for a few days now and last night's lack of sleep hasn't helped.

I need to catch up on my LL homework because I haven't done any of it for ages but DD1 is going to one of her friends later today (when they all get picked up) and I'll put DD2 to bed and get on with it in peace.
I've had a litre of water and a caramel latte so far (I also made crisps last night which were lovely) :D


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Got my WI tonight and changing my packs thouroughly fed up with the shakes a the mo so will order more soups, they make me feel I am having real food. Just watch OH eat subway and it didn't bother me one bit.


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Well I've had a long hot bubbly soak in the bath, that's 2 in a couple of days .... more than I've had in a year LOL ......... Maybe it weren't the baths I wasn't keen on, just the not fitting in it properly enough to relax whereas now I can float away.

Took tomorrow off work, not doing anything with it except for going having my eyelashes and eyebrows done in the late afternoon - just trying to use up hours that are due to me before I change to my new job.

Hubby is on nights and I don't seem to have slept properly this week, hopefully I'll get a nice lie in tomorrow.
Hi All,

Hope ur well! I won't be online both tomorrow and Friday as I am going with work on a conference/team building thing! Will be online on Saturday now! So good luck to those with ur WI's and well done to the losers of this week!

Take care all, just watching the Apprentice then Desperate Housewives, wooohoooo!

BL where r u, i miss u, come back!

Don't miss me too much everyone!, lol :)
I will miss you SS hope you enjoy your team building thing.

Just watched the Apprentice too, poor Simon I think he should of stayed.:(


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I agree with you LL - Claire should have gone for sure, and as for Alex, what a wet lettuce!


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Yep, first time I've seen it and I can't believe he let Claire stay - she'd have been well out for me ;)


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hi guys hope your all good- im so busy this week with my newsweek its very stressful :) but is going well.
hope everyone is good!
im lucky that im so busy i dont even think about food atm!!
i even baked 100 cakes tonight for my team tomorrow and wasnt tempted one bit to lick the bowl! haha
i will get on more once the weekend comes :) only a week left for me in foundation!! eeekkk!


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Had a generally crap day but tonight lost 2lbs so am chuffed about that.

Tonights meeting was very hard for me. I was dealing with the games we play, persecutor, rescuer and victim. I ended up crying cos it was so close to home and it was making me address issues that i must have kept hidden forever!!:(

I feel a bit better now but it has left me thinking about things and how to deal with them and its quite sore to be honest.

Never mind, tomorrow is another day. Lets hope this dark cloud begins to life.
Well done with your 2lbs off thats brilliant.

I know what you mean when things get uncovered it takes a while to get used to it but you will.

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Hey Lemma - 2 pounds loss with a plaster cast on is bloody good going!!! :) Well done!!

I am sorry your group upset you - or your group activity I should say. I know facing things is painful - but it is necessary to feel that pain in order to shed it and move on - it is all part of the process, so really, while it felt crap, its a very good sign that you are moving closer to having full control of your emotions and your eating. SO hang tough kiddo - things will all look brighter today. :)

I too may not be around much - OH has the need for his PC a lot this week for reports, and we are swamped at work - so I am popping in when I can - but thinkin of you all!


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