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Wednesday Hour X Hour


constantly confused
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Mornin hun!

Beautiful weather here. Don't feel bright eyed and/or bushy tailed though!

Agreed to work last night until 3am, and started again at 8.

I'm too old for this! :rolleyes:

Hope everyone has a good day xx


Full Member
Sun is shining here but I'm knackered and a bit stiff as well.
I did freestyle dance at the gym last night and I have never sweated so much in my life - it was brilliant though and we're going to make it a regular thing. :D

I ought to go and have a shower and do something constructive with my youngest today instead of just giving her chocolate and shoving her in the garden.


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morning all!
another sleepy head here too!
this weather makes me want to lie in the garden allllllllll day!!
hope we are all ok :)


I'm going to be slim
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Hope everyone is enjoying this glorious weather I for one always feel better in the summer although I ache all over from the gardening & wii fit (if you can call it that ) I had a few lapses at the weekend & I am still beating myself up over them I am sure I will have an increase when weighed this week but i've just got to put it in the crap bag of life & start again good luck to all who have their wi's today & keep drinking the water


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Morning All,

Feeling so much better today, had my big sulk yesterday. Stuff the world if they wanna fight me let em.

Yesterday, although not 100% best yet, so gonna try and beat that again today. glug glug.

Lovely day here in Berkshire.

Have a good day everyone.


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Afternoon all,
Hope everyone is feeling good today, i know i am cos of this lovely weather. Should be good for geting the wee ones clothes dry anyways. Hope everyone that has wi tonight is a happy loser!

Lisa xx
afternoon! I'm sitting in the garden on my laptop, I'm off work as I had a bad fall last thursday and I've injured my arm. So can't drive or work as it's the arm I write with...perfect weather to be poorly-but-not!

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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I am so bored and atnsty at work - I just want to go on my holiday so bad, I can't hardly stand another minute here, let alone 5 more days!!! UGH!!! It's KILLIN me!!! It's harder then this blippen diet!!! :D

It's so nice outside, I just hate being cooped up on days like this.

Glad you are feeling better Lady. Sending you lots of positive thoughts to help keep you on the rails. :)

Hope your arm feels better Miss B - but its a nice week to be off!! Gotta find the bright side of it!! :D

Have a good afternoon everyone. :)


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Hi All, hope ur well, what a beautiful day it is today! BL- 8 more days to go, i know ur frsutrated and i don't blame you, next Thursday will come (my Birthday), woohooooo, and you're holiday, lol

Lady- Glad ur feeling a bit better today!


longs to be average!
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Hello my little buddies.....
Loving the weather, but that's about all I am loving today.
There are Garibaldi biscuits in the kitchen screaming my name, am trying to ignore them but it's hard. Why did my OH buy my favourite biscuits AND open them - the sadistic little bleeper! I wouldn't mind, but he doesn't even eat biscuits! I will resist - both the biscuits and thumping the little so and so!

Watching Judge Judy at the moment, love her - Oh! there is something else I'm loving today - the sun and J. Judy!


constantly confused
S: 12st11lb C: 12st1lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 0st10lb(5.59%)
Bought some trousers a few weeks ago that didn't quite fit.

I'm wearing them now :D :D
Thats a great feeling isn't it...I have made the mistake of assuming things still don't fit, then when I do try them on the are too big and go straight onto Ebay!!!


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I am now off to collect rent from my non paying tenants hopefully.

wish me luck, my favourite programme tonight The apprentice, perhaps I should get Sir Alan Sugar to go round there.:D


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What a gorgeous evening it is - just nipped out to the shops to pick up a few bare essentials, couldn't get out of there quick enough :)

Had an okay day at work - on days like this though I just wish I worked outside, really has been lovely today.

Diet going fine, feel great with no first few days niggles, stuck to the packs perfectly and am trying as best I can with the water.

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