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Wednesday hour x hour


longs to be average!
Morning losers.

Today is day 1 of my holiday - can't believe I have a couple of weeks off :) Got to go back to B&Q today and return a water butt - it won't hold water - the tap doesn't fit!!! AND my replacement Blackberry is supposed to be delivered today, so guess I will be waiting in for that for awhile!! Housework to do, laundry to do, and I might go topless in the garden if the weather holds!

Hope you all have a great day and remember to post more than we have been - we need to get our nice little family back to where it was a few weeks ago - an addictive place to be!

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I've got to go to Sleaford this morning to collect a mattress and then I have a fun afternoon of photographing clothes to put on ebay. I want to buy myself a new dress for the dinner dance I'm going to in July but pennies are a little tight right now so I've got to sell before I can buy. :(

Hopefully we'll find out today if we've got our new house as well, but knowing my luck it'll be days and days yet. I just want to be able to get organised and start booking removal firms and carpet cleaning etc.


constantly confused
Fab start to the day for me.

I made my pack up, was just about to start work, and spilled my pack everywhere :cry:

Had to have a bar for brekkie, but I like to spend more time on my bars so I can appreciate them! :rolleyes:


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Morning All,

I agree Corey its been waaaaay to quiet in here lately.

Lovely start to the day here too, although things are quiet at work so its alittle boring. Will need to find something to keep me busy.


I'm going to be slim
Morning all lovely start to the day
Lucky you Corey enjoy your holiday hope the weather holds out for you so you can enjoy the time in your garden
Fingers crossed for you Mrspnut with your house i sold some bits on ebay last week & did very well...but then spent it on smaller clothes
Hope all have A GREAT DAY & keep posting good luck to all with wi's today


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Hi folks, another lovely day up here in Yorkshire (for as long as it holds!!).

Feeling a bit rough today, been up with the runs for most of the night and this morning. Feeling a bit drained. My littlest has had a viral infection with nappies from hell over the past few days. Looks like she has passed it on to me:sigh:

Other than that I am feeling ok. We are half way through the week and trying to think positive thoughts. Making plans for the future and endeavouring to see the cup as half full not half empty.

Keeping a diary of my feelings is helping a little. Need to buy a new one today.

Hope you all have a great day and good luck to all those who have WI tonight.;)
Hello all, I am having a great day so far. Been to the gym got a compliment from one of the staff about my weight loss, which was nice, then decided to do a bit of shopping for my hols in a month. I am floating as I managed to buy size 12 tops and get into size 12 jeans (they were a bit of a squeeze!) for the first time in 15 years!!!
I have WI tonight and after a couple of very wobbly weeks not abstaining for more that 2 days at a time, I abstained this week and definately feel much better. I hope Imy loss is good but if not still feel fantastic. A size 18 to size 12 in 9 weeks is fabby. 1 stone to go so I can have some nice seafood in France next month. Must stay away from croissants though. I wish everyone the happy day I am having.xxxx


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Hi all- its great to see more people posting again :)
been to the gym this morning- feeling so much better about RTM now and am well and truly back on the wagon. iv set myself a challenge to loose 15lbs before i go on holiday on 3rd august.
Those little tickers are great to keep you focused!
Have a fab day everyone xxxxxxxxxxxx
I've had a call from the estate agents and we've got the house. :D That's one more thing to tick off my list and about a million more to add to it.


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Hi all,

I've not been around much recently - too busy really.
Went to doctors yesterday for a 3 month BP check.

He was very impressed indeed - BP now 120/80 instead of 150/90 and heart rate down to 60 bpm By his scales I was 15 stone on the nose (I was 23st 3lbs on the same scales back in January!).

As usual my weight goes up and down from day to day and sticks at the same point. I use a spreadsheet that Corey gave, and it is interesting that the weightloss trend seems to be almost a straight line - though with the ups and downs from day to day it zig-zags around a bit.

Had a nice couple come down from London today to view my wife's car - Hope they ring back to buy it!

Congrats on all your losses.


longs to be average!
Congrats MrsPNut - how excited must you be?????

Went to B&Q this morning to return the waterbutt that doesn't hold water and got a replacement - not what I wanted, but don't trust the other ones, so got a bog standard, butt ugly one. Got a few other bits as well, one thing was a solar charged shed light. Got home went to put it up and it had bits missing - so phoned store and had a right old go at the duty manager, he apologised and offered a 10% discount (a whopping £1.29), told him that doesn't even cover the cost of petrol to get my car off the drive these days, let alone another 21 mile round trip to the store (that's 63 miles in total to the store and back since Sunday). So he is going to refund petrol costs as well. What a result - I tell ya, since losing the weight, my confidence has gone through the roof - I would have just let it slide before.

Anyways, have spent all afternoon pottering around in the back garden - have no idea what I was doing, but it took a good 5 hours!! This break from work is just going to fly by at this rate. Oh well!!

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