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Wednesday! Hour X Hour

Hey ho. Its hump day! :D

Hope everyone is doing good!!

Sure have been wodnering what has happened again....we've had a few drive by posts from Lady, Corey, we had Katie back for a moment, and Slims....and now they have all gone quiet. Haven't heard much from Mikey.....come on you lot! I miss you!! :D :( :D

In any event, if you are looking in, hope you are all doing good.

Tange - how is real food tasting!!?? :D

Well, off to the bad place for 8 hours of fun (not!).

Have a good day everyone!!

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Morning All, weighed in last night and put ON 2lbs!!! I have tracheitis and a lovely summer cold so putting it down to that and water retention.. nevermind there is always next week :) have a good day everyone :)


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Morning BL,
Yes food is quite something and its weird using a knife and fork again. I did stare at that piece of fish for ages before eating it hehehehe. Very suprising how quickly one gets full though.

Another beautiful sunny day hope you all enjoy it.

It is awfully quiet in here....where is everyone.
Thats great Tange!! I bet that tasted so good!!

It has been quiet hasn't it? :( They keep teasing us with drop in posts and I get all excited then they go away again. :( Half our support circle has dwindled. Thanks goodness for those that are still here and all the lovely new starters. But you know how it is - when you start something with a group, you get used to them being part of it all, and you hope to have them from start to finish. Thats just me being greedy!!!



I'm going to be slim
Good Morning All
BL it's good to see a hour x hour today
I haven't felt much like joining in for the past few weeks but i've been here
Today I feel so much better about myself I hope thats the end of my hic-cup
I keep learning more about myself & when you face problems you can beat them
Aww RC - you OK then? You know if you are ever struggling, you can always post about it and we can help! Or PMs, etc. Don't feel you have to go it alone! You are missed when you are not here!!

Glad you are feeling better in any event!! Keep on truckin as they say! :)



I'm going to be slim
Thanks BL I'm Ok now
When we find out things about ourselves along the way they can only make us stronger when they are faced head on
I am learning more about me than I ever have before after all this is about me & my goals setting & achieving
Have a great day & good luck to all who have wi's today


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Good Morning All
BL it's good to see a hour x hour today
I haven't felt much like joining in for the past few weeks but i've been here
Today I feel so much better about myself I hope thats the end of my hic-cup
I keep learning more about myself & when you face problems you can beat them
Good to have you back with us. I think I know what you are going through. It can sometimes be rather uncomfortable when you find out things about yourself you have either hidden away or just not dealt with. Glad you are back in a positive and happy frame of mind.
And I will echo what BL says we are always here to listen to you rant and rave or just have a moan.


longs to be average!
OK - I'm going to take a deep breath and blurt it all out. I hope I don't offend anyone, because that is not my intention.

When in abstinence, the diet was easy, boring, but easy. RtM was hard, I quickly slipped back into old habits, my inner child was (is) way too loud, and I gave in, and put on a few pounds, just under a stone in fact and boy can I feel it! I'm trying to abstain again, but crumbled from day 1, so have modified the diet to 300 cals max for breakfast and tea, and 500 cals max at lunchtime. Am really happy with doing it this way, and am already noticing a small weight loss, so I can live with that.

That doesn't really explain though why I have been quiet with postings. It doesn't really have much to do with what I have already written. I know how great you guys are at being there when someone falls off the wagon. Although I guess there is a small amount of guilt there! But to be honest I had noticed that over the past few weeks, I've have kind of felt like the only person in a room full of people whilst being on here. It is probably me just being paranoid, I don't know, but had started to feel like I was being ignored. I would make comment and then had little or no response, so after awhile just got to thinking why bother?

Anyways, I have been around, hovering, reading, making sure I know what is going on in your lives!

Again, sorry if I have said something to upset anyone, it really isn't my intention!
Oh Corey, I'm sorry you've felt that way, but glad you said something!! I've been hit and miss when I am on and posting, and I have developed a bad habit of reading posts, then doing some things thinking I will reply later, and then forget what threads they were, etc.

Next time just jump up and down and shout!! One of us will wake up!!! :D :D

I'm glad you said something. Don't take it personal though if posts are missed....no one would ignore you intentionally!!

Glad you have found a way to work the diet that works for you. It's all trial and error isn;t it. At least you spoke louder then your inner voices before it got too out of hand. I have no doubt you will knock that stone off. Just keep remembering how GREAT you felt physically and mentally, and you'll get there.

Like any other new skill, and re-learning how to eat and maintain is learning a new skill, there will be slip ups and errors. Thats what we learn from.




longs to be average!
Thanks for your words BL & My~Turn~Now.

It is actually quiet rare for me to become somewhat the introvert, as I have on here, I'm usually somewhat of a big mouth (as you already know), I promise to scream and shout from here on out, and will throw my Barbie from my pram every time I need too ;)

What really has shocked me throughout this process is, when I first started RtM, I loved salad. Within a few weeks hated it. But, having now said to myself back to 300 cals for tea, my only real option is salad and meat, and have to say I am loving it again. Am still swimming a couple of times a week tried going before work on Tuesday, but was shattered by the time I got home, as it made for a very long day (I had to leave home at 6am to go swimming) as I didn't get home until 6:15pm.

Anyways, I am back on here, so try and keep me quiet!!
glad to hear your feeling better. good on you for getting out the house early to swim. it can be hard to find the motivation sometimes cant it?
im looking forward to seeing food in a whole new light once im done with foundation too.
Can you not jazz up the salad with fat free dressing and herbs/spices for your meat?


longs to be average!
Oh I do jazz up my salad with virtually fat free salad dressing - honey and mustard is a particular favourite - Blue Cheese is my absolute fav, but with the high fat content, it's a no-no at the moment :(

I have to say I used to spice up my meat, but had forgotten about that since you mentioned it - next time I cook meat, will dig out my mixed herbs!!

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