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** WEDNESDAY -- Let's do it hour by hour **


Stubborn tortoise
Hi Abz... I'm tired too today, totm so that doesn't help... could sleep for a week but too much to do! Had my porridge, husband off to work, son off to school, daughter stirring in her pit... me just trying to wake up really! I could do with a week to fit the things I have to do today & tomorrow into... sigh.

Anyway, gonna be 100% again as tomorrow is weigh-day!



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i can't have my first pack until at least 11 or i struggle towards the end of the day!!

my coffee is cooling. i can't drink really hot drinks.

anyways. i'm back listening to cheesy pop to cheer myself up. the jonas brothers it is :D they seem to be becoming my 'bounce and be happy on cd' music which means i could be listening to them for quite some time... ha.

and i'm at work :S

abz xx


Stubborn tortoise
I am the other way, daytime is my danger zone, have to eat when I get up, have my lunch bar at 12 or 1, then 3rd pack (I'm on 810) at 3 or 4. Tea at 7, always quorn & veg. I'm exactly the same on the hot drinks though, have to wait till they are just warm... and hardly ever drink anything cold so that means a lot of hot drinks on the go through the day!

I have to get dressed properly & get to work now, enough idling! Have a great day with the Jonas brothers!



I'm determined this time!
This is day 5 for me and I think I've got over the 'hump'! I feel good (tho a little tired), but still feel very positive and looking forward to my weigh in on Friday (never ever looked foward to a weigh in before ha ha!!)

I'm at work now, and will be having my first shake about 10:00am.

Have a great day girls . . . . . :p
Morning guys, sorry to hear your tired Abz and Katy, I actually got more sleep than usual as my littlun spent more time in his bed than mine last night, lol!

Glad you're feeling positive Nic.

I've got my first weigh in this morning and am a bit nervous, my friend is doing CD too and lost 13lb this week, and I don't think I'm going to get near that. I know it will be a good loss as been 100% but I have lost 7lb in my first week of WW before so I'm hoping for more than that. Good luck to any others weighing in today xxx


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morning nckie. glad you are feeling better today :)

good luck with your weigh in this morning kirsten. what time is it at?

abz xx
Thanks, straight after the school run so about 9am ish.
I feel happy today as I had my first weigh in last night and lost a whopping 9.5lbs.Cant believe it.Just had my porridge and off in to the big wide world now.Have a good day everyone.


Absolutely Determined!
Morning girls,

After yesterday's disaster I'm back on track today. Feeling tired and lethargic and no longer in ketosis.. but that's the price I pay.

Good luck for your weigh in Kristen, I'm sure you'll do fabulously!xx

Abz, my kids love the Jonas Brothers and I have been known to sing along to a track or too ;) x

Nic - Great news that you're feeling so positive, keep it up xx

Katy - Hope you have a great day hun xx

Julz - well done on a great loss xx

Here's to a 100% day people xx


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good morning paula. everyone's kids listen to them. it's a little embarrassing that i have 'discovered' them recently too... i feel about 10 :D

abz xx


Loving losing
Morning everyone...sorry most of you are tired and in work today as it is my day off.:):) Have just seen hub off to work and the kids off to school, and just because I can, I am going back to bed to read!!! I can delay my first shake then too as been having them all so much earlier on work days and consequently climbing the walls by late evening.
Good luck with the weigh in Kirsten, will look forward to your next post!
Well done Julz on such a fab loss to keep you motivated.
Have a lovely day all. The sun is shining and all is well with the world!

Good morning ladies.. really sorry I can't send individual messages to you all today but as some of you may know today I get my results from the gp, so my mind is slightly fuzzy!! hopefully I will get to find out what is causing my illness.. so to each and everyone have a good day.. celebrate any acheivements today and let's try and be positive for whatever the day brings... :) me now
:eek: me later when the nerves kick in x


Stubborn tortoise
Let us know how it goes honey, thinking of you & sending good-luck vibes.

Hey Good luck Sarahlou!!

Paula/abfab, sorry to hear you're having such a hard time. I'm quite taken aback that you've struggled these last few days but I know how you feel. Funny isn't it, how positivity is always at war with negativity? And vice versa. You've had a great week and a fantastic WI but the day after that old negativity creeps back in. I hope that today you feel the positivity again (sending some vibes your way!) and even though it gets a bit tough remind yourself that once you get back into that state of ketosis you should feel more content. It's strange how we feel more content having battled but does that battle need to be there? Focus, see where you wanna go and don't let negativity sway you any other way. You know what you want.

I feel better today than I did yesterday. I made a huge mistake with a friend/colleague and even though I apologised I still felt shameful, hence spending most of the day in tears. Could this be hormones? Dunno, but I almost felt depressed!!

Luv n hugs to all!!

Ps Abz, I hope you sleep nicely tonight! xx
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Morning all,

Good luck Sarah, hopefully it will help to know what's making you ill.

Well done Julz-great loss!

Good luck Kirsteen, I was the same, lost 6lbs first week WW so wanted to loose at least that.

My week 3 (only 5 days) WI is at 3 today. Seems like it's maybe TOTM for me but had spotting for ages so not sure, hopefully it won't effect loss too much.

Here's for an 100% day guys! x


Skinny girl in a fat body
Well hopefully I will get back on track after my disasterous couple of days. Started on monday with a bit chicken and just spiraled. Tuesday I had a milky bar cow shaped easter egg, 6 mini choc teacakes and a few prawns. Must be out of ketosis with the egg and teacakes but don't know. All I know is that I am ABSOLUTELY STARVING and just feel like giving up. Sometimes I just can't face another soup or shake, and the water uuurrrggghhhh don't even say the word water to me!!

So, if I am out of ketosis, does that mean I am not allowed my mix a mousse for another 2 weeks?

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