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Week 1 weigh in


one day at a time....
Ok so i've just had my first weigh in and i've lost 7lb! wohoo! :rolleyes:

I know 7lb is a good loss but i had somehow got my self all excited that i had lost at least 10lb through checking on my scales at home (won't be doing that again) so now feel really disheartened.:(

I then came home and thought i would cheer myself up by trying to make the pancake/poppadom thingy's out of the soup. To say the least i think it was a bit of a disaster! It did not taste good!

I was really motivated last week after i got through the 3rd day but now the end goal just seems so far away... :sigh:
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don't be disheartened..7lb off is fab, perhaps not as much as you'd hoped, it's still great. Some people lose loads in the first week and then it stabilises..but it's best to look at your weight over a month as your loss can vary from week to week with some weeks better than others.
1 week on cambridge 3 weeks into it I lost nothing!!!!!!!!! Then the week after I lost 7 lb so that made up for it
keep your chin up...7lb is fab an you are half a stone nearer to where you want to be..and yes..try not to use scales at home!!!


one day at a time....
thanks Angelina, suppose its better than putting it on! x
hey think of it this way, 7lbs is half a stone, in a week!


one day at a time....
yes true, thanks lavida loca x
7lbs is a fantastic loss Hun.... it's the first 7lbs of many, It's 7lbs nearer to each goal u have and it's 7lbs !!

Keep it up Hun your doing grand x


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Thats fantastic! Well done you :D x


Fighting for My Health
7lb is fantastic :D Well done! xx


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Half a stone in one week is a great achievement, well done!


one day at a time....
thanks everyone - feel much more positive today - glad i didn't give in x


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well done girlie! no point in giving up now after all your hard work hey! 7lbs would take 3 weeks on a normal diet!! what a pain that would be when you can get it off in a week! keep at it..its all so worth it!!..half a stone down ..wooooooo :) x

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