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Week 1 WI

Hi everyone

I've just come back from my first WI and I have lost 8 pounds!! :D I am soooooooooo happy!!! I went to a different pharmacy and they were really good. They gave me the pee stick thingys (which the first place didnt mention) and I've just done that and I am so far out which is strange as I have been drinking 4 pints of water every day??? So looks like I need more! Apart from that I cant sleep properly and I've attacked my poor hubby in his sleep twice :eek: and I feel really weak! Maybe increasing the water will sort that out?
Anyway I'm really happy!!

Gayle x
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I will be skinny again!!!
Thats brilliant Gayle well done!!!

You should probably drink more than 4 pints a day... Im aiming for atleast 3 litres!!


Here we go again!
Well done Gayle. 8lbs is a great loss. I think I'm drinking about 3 litres a day now. I gradually built up to it but I think the more I drink the better my loss is at wi. Good luck and keep up the good work.
Thanks everyone :)
Im trying to log on here every day and keep myself motivated but Im studying and working and looking after the kids, hubby and dogs etc so its difficult. I had a bit of a blip last night and went the chippy!! In my defense I didnt even eat half of it before I was disgusted with myself and Im back on the shakes this morning. The thing is I'm on day 9 now and still not in ketosis????? I know I dont have any medical reason why im not there yet, does it normally take this long? I am hungry every minute of every day haha!! oh well I will up my exercise this week to try and undo the damage
Gayle xx
I've got those ketostix that sample your urine and the pharmacist marked on the bottle the colour it should be and at the moment mine is up the other end!! Trying hard to drink loads more water today

Gayle x
Thanks for that :)
I have to say that today is the first day that I feel really different. (hope its not because of the little blip last night haha) but I've increased my water and I dont feel hungry and I dont feel as exhausted so maybe this is the turning point!! I am going to do the stix again on Monday and if no change I will go and speak to the pharmacist.

Gayle x
my pharmacist explain that some people hardly show on the sticks even though they are loosing loads of weight....mine always show very dark regardless of the gallons of fluid i drink each day....he just said that each persons body show it differently and not to worry to much as long as its working


Getting thinner everyday!
Well done you. Thats should be a good motivator to you for week 2

Alex :)
Yay for you!! Brill loss babe :)
Brilliant loss, well done.
As for the ketostix, its only the very first colour (cream/beige, I think, not got the bottle with me) that is non ketosis, as long as you are in any one of the other colours, you ARE in ketosis. The chips being carbs would probably have knocked you out of ketosis, but you should soon get back there.

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