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Week 18 WI

Your a God
You look good mate,well done you've done very well
Thats great pete, well done
daisy x
Thats fab :) you're looking amazing :D



Do a little dance!

Whoop whoop. Doing a litte dance for youuuuu!
Brilliant Pete - your toast didn't do you any damage after all, which is really great to know for the future for me! ;-)

You are a star!
Decking Jim said:
Your a God
I LOL'd at that for about 5 minutes Jim! :D

PS said:
your toast didn't do you any damage after all, which is really great to know for the future for me! ;-)
I wouldn't say that Poppy, I did only have a 1lb loss last week after all.....

but it certainly didn't do any major damage, especially mentally :)

Thanks everyone, I can't quite believe that I'm in the "-5stone" club, even when I knew I was over 20stone it didn't quite register that I really had that much to lose.... great to feel it now though! :D

[gushy oscar-style speech part]
through the good and bad, the rough and smooth, it's this place and moreover, it's all you guys who keep me going, so thanks to you all. I really don't think I could have done it without your unbelievable support. :D
[/gushy oscar-style speech part]
I've added a new pic to my album with a before:now comparison, same current pic as my sig but with a comparison with my own 'real' (i.e. shirtless) before photo.

Geez, I can't believe that was really me :eek::(:break_diet:

I've just looked at your albums. Inspirational pics.
As i said on there - you look like your son!
No gut hanging over the belt buckle now!
As well as looking good and feeling healthier isn't it good to feel comfortable in your clothes?
I bet you are looking forward to the summer this year aren't you?

Well done Pete.a fantastic achievment and looking good:)


Making it all add up
Well done Pete, the results are there for all to see


nearly there!! :)
well done hunni u have done so fab.

i love the no shirt comparisons ur stomach is just like...gone ha its so cool!! xxx
Pete, I can see ribs in your siggy pic! Whoo!!

Just noticed your new goal - what is that going to make your BMI? Well done you to adding to your weeks and decreasing your goal - very, very brave and so Pete-like!
Ribs?!?! lol I hope not, don't want to be that skinny!
I think that's actually a combination of my abs from doing sit-ups + a fat roll on top :p

At 14stone (196lbs) and 5'11" that'll make my BMI 27.3, which is still well above what I "should" be but I think that my general build/bone/muscle etc will account for it, plus I reckon that any less than that and I'd start to look a bit *too* thin, which I don't want at all; once I'm having some food again I'm hitting the gym to build myself up some more! :D but in a good (muscle) way :p

Still, who knows, I might get to 14 and decide another 7lbs wouldn't hurt! I just don't know, having never been anywhere near this slim (not since I was 15 years old!, nearly 9 years ago!) I haven't a clue what I'll look/feel/be like at any weight.

Every day I'm looking in the mirror getting to know this "new" me! :D
Well, all I can say is you look fabulous! I'm so impressed looking at your siggy pics.

I am delighted to say that I agree with you, as I now look at my fat picture and don't recognise her, and feel so normal now, like this is what I should have been - I'm thinking sometimes I even look a little thin! LOL!! What's that all about?! At other times I feel like I've still got loads more to lose, but can't believe my BMI is now 24 and if I lose any more next week I'll be 23. something! YIKES!!

I think you are right to just take it all as it comes. I bet BMI isn't quite as relevant to you and your muscle mass either - I don't know, maybe I'm talking through my ......, but all I can say is you are inspirational!


Do a little dance!
I'm still dancing! I'm still dancing in celebration for youuuu!


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