week 3 weigh in


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just keep telling yourself you wud not have even lost 3lb had u not been on the diet and isnt it good to see the scales go down by 3. 3-4lb is about the average but it all adds up very quickly by the look of alot of peoples weight loss on here. keep up the good work x


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Terrific loss, don't be disappointed at all, you are doing very well indeed - WELL DONE! x


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Well done!! I have WI in no3 on Thursday and I am praying for a 3lb loss!! You are doing great!! xxx

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I know i shouldnt be but im a bit disappointed about my 3lb loss this week,i know its 3lbs of fat off, i knew i shouldnt of had them mince pies last night:(, anyway i still lost 1stone 3lb in 3 weeks:)

3lbs is fantastic :)
My 3rd WI tomorrow night and i pigged out on chips friday, nando's saturday, roast sunday and dominoes last night..... however i have been drinking all the water and the green tea and having my shakes during the day but i know whatever losses i have if any i'll be happy.
I dont deserve to lose any so for you a 3lb loss after eating mince pies is fab :D

Well done, your doing great! x


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Well done xx