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week 5 and still slowwwwww progress


Well i have decide to start a SW diary just a little history
I was on CD back in apri/may 2010 and was doing well however i started to have panic attacks and was feeling awful i dont know if it had anything to do with cambridge but i decided TFR were not for me.
i Went to the doctors and was on anti depressents and had some cognitive therapy and felt 100 times better.
Anyhow started SW back in july and was doing really well up until october (lost 15lbs) but i came off my anti depressents and became unwell again.
Sooooo got myself sorted over christmas and i am feeling 100% better:D:D

So back to SW on the 5th of jan.
I lost 3lbs my first week which i was delighted with especially being stuffed with all kinds of lovely food.

I have no issues with CD but for me i will never attempt it again.

Loving SW and have made 10 gorgeous recipes so far. Going to have my food diary in here aswell. So yesterday i had

B- fruit with muller light
L- tuna salad
d- i had chicken in breadcrumbs with parmasen cheese baked potatoe and veg

snacks- couple of crab sticks and bag of popcorn

Anyway hope to speak to you all andbest of luck with your weight loss journey xxxxxxxxxx

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welcome to this forum it's a great place for support and encouragement

I did cambridge diet years ago and lost 60lbs really quickly, problem was within four months of coming off it I was back up to my original weight. Slimming world has been a revelation for me - just being able to eat normal food and still lose weight is the best thing. I feel much much healthier following slimmingworld than I ever did on Cambridge. I'm sure you can stick to it to goal just keep planning and tracking what you eat and if you have a bit of a blip don't give up just come back on here and someone will give you the shove in the right direction we all need sometimes.

Good luck, I'm sure you'll do well xx
thanks nettyneil i really dont feel like i am on a diet which is great where as with CD thats all i ever thought about lol;)

Anyway all good today had my dinner early at 5pm so just had some crab sticks i love them they are only 19cal which is great.
I am going to go to bed early tonightas i am knackered hope to update soon

s4l xxxx
looking to book our summer holidays today i swear to god i will not be fat sweaty and uncomfortable on this holiday:cry:i want to be able to go around in a nice bikini and feel comfortable aghhhhh I was looking back at photos from our holiday in portugal last year and god i am so fat horrible:(

Anyway looking at mallorca or portugal so i have a good 4-5 months to lose this weight once and for all.

Food today

B- 2 slices of wholemeal toast with 2 poached eggs

L- no lunch as i had a late brekkie

D-beef teryaki with basmati rice

haribo sweets yummy

i didnt eat an awful lot of my dinner as i made the beef and also made a chicken stew for my 2 sons so i just wasnt very hungry after all the cooking not complaining though ha ha

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horrible wet and windy day here today.
i am doing my food shop today so i am going to plan out my meals for the week.
I think it is so important to know what you are going to eat each day as i fall off the wagon when i miss meals or not have the right food in the house.
I am going to do a big spring clean of the house today also and get the kids uniforms etc sorted for the week.
My weigh in days are wednesday but i did have a quick jump on the scales and it looks like i could be down another 3lbs this week so i have to stay focused for the next few days.
My hubby bought the kinnect at christmas with the actifit so i need to start doing that a few times a week may start this evening.

B- poached eggs
L- fruit and muller light
D-steak baked potatoe and veg

low fat crisps

Oh i made the sw crisps last night and they were yum here is the method if anyone wants to try them

slice your potatoe very thinly and on a plate cover with frylight and some salt place your crisps on the plate and spray some more frylight throw into the microwave for 8 mins and there you have yummy crisps SW style:D
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just going to put up a few before and after pics as in i weighed 9 stone before and then heaviest at 14stone 7lb:eek:


i am off travelling for a few days so have all my fruit and healthy snacks etc for the car.
Sleeping so much better lately i think its beause of all the good food.
I have now realized that i am really not on a diet and this is just going to be my lifestyle which i am so happy with.
My hubby and boys are all eating really healthy so this will be us from now on.
I really need to stop scale hoping on off all the time so now i am going to weigh myself just once a day and not 10 :D:D
2 more days to my 2nd weigh in and my target is another 3lbs.
I am hopefully starting Zumba soon it looks fab.

Hope you all have a fab day (thats if anyone is reading;))


B-banana and 2 apples
L- ham salad wrap with bag of popcorn
D- whatever hubby makes this
evening (ended up coming home too late so just had more special k not g0od plus a bag of low fat crisps)

3 coffees as i was travelling alot
1litre of water
small bottle ofcoke zero

not a very healthy day food wise
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woke up this moring feeling uggg TOM as appered so hreally hope that dosent effect my weight loss this week
Anyway still hoping for a 3lb loss if i am to get to my target by May.

B- special k skimmed milk coffee
L- fruit
D-special k small amount of pasta
small pack of fruit salad sweets (saw them in a shop today and i couldnt resist havent eaten them for years lol

really really bad day for food i am not eating half the amount i should and getting home far to late from work aghhh
reat of the week should be better
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have my weigh in tonight and looks like i might only lose 1lb but not too bothered as its a star week.
I will be doing alot of travelling next week which really dosent help my cause anyway just need to plan what i am going to eat.

B- cup of tea


Onwards and downwards!
Hi slim4life. Just wanted to say good luck for your weigh in tonight! Looks like you have done really well this week. :)
ah thanks emily and sally nice to have supportive comments on my diary:D

and yes defo sally weight loss will help with the depression big time although i am feeling really well on the meds

thanks guys:)


Onwards and downwards!
Wow, well done hun!! Thats fab! Keep up the great work.
thanks a million Emily i was delighted with 2lbs:D

It is freezing here this morning can not wait for some nice hot weather seems like winter for ever!!!!!!

Delighted with my 2lb weight loss considering it is my star week.
In our class last night we all gave ourself a mini target so mine is 2lbs which will bring me to half a stone.
I did have some naughty pizza last night but only a couple of slices so not too bad.

B- special k skimmed milk coffee
d-pasta with spinach mushrooms and cheese

my hubby made little filo pastry cakes last night filled with o% yougurt and fruit so will have one later my 2 boys loved them and they are healthy:D

talk later

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all going very well with the diet sleeping so well thank god.

Have been looking at all the lovely clothes that i will hopefully buy for the summer cannot wait.
Clothes are startng to feel more comfortable even though i have only lost 5lbs
My sil has lost 3 stone with SW and looks fab i was just thinking if i had stayed on the diet since last july i would probably be at my target now
Anyway not to worry i will do i this time

B- 2 sasagues (not good) lol

L- Fruit and some raw veggies

D- bowl of pasta spinach (same dinner as yesterday)

2 coffees
2l of water
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good morning

all going well here dont know what to do with myself today house clean and the weather is not great:mad:

I have my nieces christening in 2 weeks and hope i can be down at least another 5lbs by then

B- more like brunch really omelette with tomatoes oinion ham and muhrooms

D- beef and black bean with boiled rice from the chineese take away think its only 5 syns had half a portion

snacks- some chicken skewers and prawns

gosh i ate loads today
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morning well i am only up my lovely hubby let me have a lie in till 12pm ;)
here with my 4 year old watching ice age and hubby and 7year old are gone off to watch a match.
I know this is a slower progress then CD but i am so much happier being on SW and i can really see this being the way i eat from now on.

Just all the small changes cooking in frylight and not oil, diet drinks instead of full fat,skimmed milk instead of full fat, low fat cheese and yougurts etc i think they are making all the difference without any difference to taste if you know what i mean:D

the weeks are flying in and only 3 days to my 3rd weigh in.

I have the most gorgeous pair of lack skinny jeans in a size 14 that i used to wear and when i tried them on at christmas they wouldnt even go past my thighs so they are my incentive to get this weight off for once and for all.

B-Wont have a brekkie as i got up so late
L-scrambled egg 2 slices of wholemeal toast

D-2 baked potatoes with baked beans (forgot how that was)

6 haribo sweets yummy

2l water
2 coffees

did very well with my water intake today
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such a busy day today worst day ever for food but i swore to myself to be honest so

B- Coffee x2
L- Ehhhh nothing

D- muller light, special k, and a small pancake with jam

how about that for a terrible day:rolleyes:

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