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week 9 wi

had my week 9 weigh in to day and lost 8 lbs so chuffed with that:D after last week's loss, was also told that i have to re feed on week 12 so in two weeks i can eat some thing :D looking forward to it but still a bit nervous about it can anyone give some good advice about the refeed?all advice welcome thanks
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Well done dats a pretty astonishing loss this far in! Im refeeding next week best advice prepare prepare go onto the refeeding and maintainance forum and have a look at wat everyone says. Learn the refeed sheet off i found this very helpful as now i can look at food and know whether i can have it or not.


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Wow! 8lbs? Thats amazing, well done you!! That certainly makes up for last week and then some hehe Can't help you regarding refeed but am sure others will be along shortly with their advice.
Way to go, not so 'big boy'!! (In the nicest possible way;-) )

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Gosh you really are melting off the lbs. You must be so proud of yourself. go on the refeed section and read and read and read all the threads so that you have it inked on your brain!!! There is lots of fab advice there.
ha ha:flirt2: thanks for the replies been looking and some don't seam to refeed on week 12 my pharmacy told me that i have to refeed every 12 weeks as lipotrim suggest this is that true?:confused:
ha ha:flirt2: thanks for the replies been looking and some don't seam to refeed on week 12 my pharmacy told me that i have to refeed every 12 weeks as lipotrim suggest this is that true?:confused:
No never in my life have i heard that you only need to refeed wen your coming off tfr so as you fill up your glycogen stores properly so you dont gain un-necessary water. It seems a bit mean to make you start all over again making you get into ketosis again wen u are used the shakes.

There are people on tfr for more than 30 weeks and they will refeed wen they finish tfr not before. Even lipotrim themselves do not say you need to refeed after 12 weeks i have the cds etc off them as im starting refeed next week and they mention no such thing as wat your pharmacist said. I wud definitely bring it up with them.


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I have heard before that the Government recommend that people should only be on a TFR for 12 weeks. I think that there is something about it on the National Obesity Forum. However, if you are feeling well and are having no medical problems then I dont see why you should not continue. Have yourself checked out by your GP to give you are clean bill of health. If you want to carry on and your current Pharmacy wont help then find another one.
Lighter Life also say you should eat a higher amount of calories after 12 weeks and then you can go back to vlcd. LL suggest you mix your shakes with milk for a week to get your calories up and then go back to using water.

Cambridge Diet also have a 12 week limit on tfr with a week of food and then back onto tfr again for 12 weeks, etc, etc

But loads of people on here have done it for longer than 12 weeks and are fine, so maybe the Govt are just being overly cautious?:confused:
Congratulations on your loss. You have done so well and should be very proud of yourself. I have never heard that you have to refeed every 12 weeks either. Would be a shame to put yourself through getting back into ketosis if you dont need to. Well done you x x
Well done! Fantastic losses!!

I wasn't advised to re-feed on week 12, but, as everyone's said, there are guidelines that suggest that's the length of time someone should be on TFR. Maybe if you spoke to LT you'd get a definite answer on their viewpoint & then could bring that back to the Pharmacy, if you don't want to re-feed? Good luck!!

well done on the big loss hun. thats great.
check out the refeed section on here, loads of great menu ideas.

good luck with refeeding, sure ull do great.

x x

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