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Week before the beginning

S: 17st4lb C: 16st9lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 37.6 Loss: 0st9lb(3.72%)

Im starting Lipotrim friday next week (as I have a hospital appointment and have been advised by the pharmacist not to start before it) and am looking forward to my weight loss journey :)

Have been doing the Slim fast diet religiously for 2 months and havent lost a thing, so Im hopeing that this will work, all your posts have been a real inspiration to me. Am going 100% on this and will give it all Ive got :)

I was just wondering what everyone ate on the week before starting the diet. Did you have that "last curry" and did it affect your first or second weight in? Were you already on a fruitless diet like me? Were the first few days bad enough I should book a little time of work to adjust?

Thanks :D
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Hi there,

I had been on a diet 2 weeks prior to starting LT and had already lost 6lbs. I have lost 12lb in 2 weeks and am happy with that. I think all a final curry would do is to give you a slightly little more weight to shift :p

I wish you all the luck in the world for next week xx


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I was on holiday the week before I started and as I was in Italy, I had pasta and salads so lots of carbs - and I did actually have a curry the night before I started so my first weigh in is tomorrow so we'll see what kind of a loss I have - I'll post it anyhow..
Best of luck next week, there's plenty here sharing your journey and it's a bit easier knowing you're not alone doing it. There's always someone to talk to:)


Here we go again!
Hi, welcome and good luck for Friday. I think most people eat what they want the night before. Look forward to following your journey.
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When I decided to go on Lipotrim, the last 2 days I ate, ate, ate...
All the favorite things, indian food, tons of sweets.
Didn't affect my 1st weigh in - lost 15lbs. Just my starting weight was higher, but god it was wort it!!


this is SPARTA!
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Dont want to be a killjoy but this isnt really the appropriate forum to post a thread talking about eating! This is the 100% place where slips, blips or eating anything isnt really kosher. Mods, can this be moved to the general forum please?


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It's moved!
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Not sure if this thread is moved ? If so where did it go? Sorry am new enough to mini so might need a sat nav every now and then!!

Anyway I just wanted to say best of luck with your journey. The 1st week has one or two days that are tough but you do get over them. For me it was day 3 and 4 and after that my body seemed to have adjusted. I lost 10 lbs the first week and believe me your first weigh in is one hell of a motivator to keep going.

Anyway my advice would be to have something nice the night before but not to overdo it as you only have to loose it afterwards.

Remember its not a last supper - you will get to eat again - you are just taking a break from food.

Best of luck


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Welcome to our big happy family! This place is great when you want to moan or to share good news. Everyone is really friendly and supportive.
As for your "last supper" I would be careful. I went on a complete blow out and had jacket potatoes, McDonald's, chips and mushy peas and about 5 bags of crisp's ! I didn't go in ketosis till day 6 when generally most people are around day 3-4. I'm sure this is the only reason why! So enjoy yourself but be careful with the carbs!
T x
I had a pizza, I think you should just eat what you want the night before. Enjoy it and then concentrate on Lipotrim.


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This is my third time on LT, the first two time I started with a big meal out the night before, it was fine no problem.
This third time I had a regular meal the night before and I found I went into ketosis a lot faster than when I had the big meals, not sure if that was just me or if anyone else has had the same experience.



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hi im 3 days in and i had my fav stuff the day before i think it has made it more easier as i tried it last year and failed after 4 days but this time im a lot stronger
S: 17st4lb C: 16st9lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 37.6 Loss: 0st9lb(3.72%)

Thanks for all your replys, its good to know that what I eat shouldnt make too big a difference, though I do agree that too much the day before is just more to loose!

Sorry about mentioning food in the 100% forum btw, I didnt mean it the way it came out, was more interested if a big meal before affected the rate of ketosis and weightloss, not the actual food itself


this is SPARTA!
S: 13st13lb C: 12st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 30.2 Loss: 1st5lb(9.74%)
Dont apologise, malevolentnuzzler, last time I was on here it wasnt as complicated but I would take advantage and check out all parts of the forum because you can find some great treasures on here!

I always just had a normal meal before a VLCD and went into ketosis much faster than my OH who had 2 chinese takeaways TO HIMSELF the night before he started. He felt like crap the first few days where I felt ok...ish!


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Before i started LT for the first time, the week prior i had:
mc donalds, kfc, burger king, chinese, jakes (local student take away place), plenty of crisps, chocolate, sweets ..... basically what i wanted!

Its now been over a year since i started lipotrim and i havnt had a mcdonalds, kfc, burgerking or jakes. Infact the only takeaway i have had is i think 2 possibly 3 chinese meals.

So, in all .... i think you should go for it - i found it helped alot knowing that i had had all i wanted as i knew i was on LT for the long haul! :)

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