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Week Long Stays with Hotel Food


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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to put out there a bit of a plea for advice....due to the nature of my job I travel for long periods of time and live in hotels. Can be a bit of a pain and this is what caused me to put on weight in the first place.

I could now be off for a potentially long stint (up to 4 weeks, which will be 4 x breakfast, 5 x lunch and 4 x dinner).

Lunch I can cope with. Work canteen I can get either soup or jacket potato. The problem will start to potentially lie with dinner and breakfast.

Breakfast also has the potential to be ok if I can tear myself away from the croissants and muffins. They usually have fruit salad, or even can use my HEXA and B on cereal and milk (this doesn't bother me - not a huge coffee/tea drinker).

Dinner is the problem. I shall stick with steak, new potatoes and salad where possible, however, I wanted to run the idea past people of whether green days (I usually swear by EE) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday would be the best way to just boost my weight losing potential, and perhaps counteract unavoidable damage during the week....

Ideas anyone? xxx
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You seem to be sorted pretty much on lunch and breakfast, but I travel a lot and I always have a supply of alpen light bars and mugshots in my suitcase ( I'm cabin crew so has to be dried food!!!) can get bit boring if your eating in your room all the time but if out I have a tomato based pasta I'll use 2x heb for oil on green day, baked potato with salad .....

It's so hard being away and the temptation to slip is there, but you can do it! Good luck!!x
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Oooops just read your first post properly and above reply didn't answer your actual question!! I'm not sure about doing ee in the week then green at wknds, but I'm veggie and green days has always worked for me x


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Thanks for the help hon!!!

Just going to see how I go, and get the menus in advance!!


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If you're going to stay in the same hotel all that time, you could ask the restaurant if they can help you by cooking things without oil/butter etc. I've always found that if you explain your needs they will help where they can. For a short stay I might not bother but for a longer one I definitely would. :)


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You're not alone as I'm in the same boat! I never had a full week at home and often feel like I'm living out of my bag! I used to use it as an excuse and seemed to put obsticles in my way for 'not to lose weight'. It's so hard when you can see a big fat juicy burger on the menu when you've travelled lots of miles and been stuck in meetings all day its hard not to give into temptation.

Generally breakfasts and lunches are ok for me however the sticking point is always the hotel menu! Some of the things i do are...

  • I usually have steak or grilled chicken
  • Ask for boiled potatoes without butter
  • Get a side salad to help toward my 3rd SF if on EE
  • Chicken ceaser salad and ask for the dressing in a seperate dish
  • Try and take look at there menu online before you go/book
  • There has been a number of times where there hasnt been anything on the menu so I have found the nearest supermarket and buy a salad bowl (remove the dressing sachet), Asda do some that have forks in them, buy a tin of tuna with a ring pull opening, jar of beetroot and a tin of sweetcorn with a ring pull. Oh and a I get some fruit and a yoghurt for after and use the teaspoon in the room to eat it with!
I have become very resourceful!!

I'm also a member of Fitness Frist and I try and book hotels with a gym close by so I can still do spinning classes whilst i'm working away

I have a new challenge next weekend as me and the hubby are going down to Brighton for 5 days, staying in a hotel however i know he will want ice cream, fish and chips, pizza etc! I know what I can and cannot have however it's going to be tough not to give into temptation when he is next to me having lots of nice treats!!


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Thanks for the advice!!! One night/two nights is fairly easy to get around but all week has proven difficult!

1: usually the rooms are way roomier in premier inn, however this one....no such luck so the Zumba work out DVD went out the window.....
2: I have to walk past a Ben and jerrys machine to get to my room!!! (I didn't even know you could get them!!! I did however resist this!!!)
3: I thought, well instead of confining myself to my room, I'll sit in bar and do some work....alcohol does not tempt me however dessert menus do.
4: you can pretend to be healthy but these places put cream in their soup!!!

However on the positive side I have learnt some stuff too....
1: bar menus are your best friend
2: make friends with the bar staff and tell them not to serve you desserts even when you ask....it works!!!!

Im too scared to know the real damage though. I had more wobbles than I care to own up to!!

If all else fails go home and eat loads of superspeed soup!!

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Is there a leisure centre/gym in the hotel? Perhaps if you upped the exercise during the week and just made the best choices available to you, that might help some?


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Ha!!! Wish they'd give me a hotel with a gym in!!! Fat chance of that!!!


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Most hotels are very accomodating (no pun intended!)

When I was staying in Brighton, as we were using the hotel for weeks at a time, I found a quick word with the staff/chef and I had my own menu!

This was pre-SW days, but I know within reason they will do anything to help.