weekend spoilt by hair cut last week !


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:(This probably sounds so silly but I feel so devistated be my hair cut last week ...Its shortish and i spike it out and make it messy (bit like my personality lol)..anyway had it trimmed last week ready for big night out on Saturday , some may remember i was stressing about what to wear for cheilgh night .. I got a lovely fringe black dress all the chunky jewellery to go with it and was so looking forward to it ...till the hair cut !
You know what its like ..ok so i am overweight but still can usually do hair and makeup and feel good... Even mr beans who always makes me feel gorgeous made comment on how bad a cut it was , so we didnt go !
No way do i feel good about me just now and its not helping with my food choices either ..mr B has been cooking this weekend and bless him ..he even made pasta sauce for me.. made with milk and butter....lol
cant believe how much this has upset me as i am not usually so shallow..
dress is still hanging on wardrobe door ...
sorry to go on but feeling so low just now ..hugs
gilly xxxx
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Hey chick I can relate to that, I have shortish hair but like to blow lots of bounce into it, every time I go for a trim I end up coming out looking like a bloke and I cant get the brush through it to get any bounce. Anyway I spoke to the bloke at my hairdressers and he said to leave the length and cut into it so it sat better and for the first time in a long long time I am pleased with my hair. It makes a massive difference to how you feel, the clothes and makeup are only part of it they always say a womans hair is her crowning glory...sorry it ruined your night but it will grow back soon and change your hairdresser...((hug))..xx


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Ah poor you - I hate it when my hair's not right as its really important to me to have my hair how I want it when the rest of me don't look too great.
Could you go back and have them do something else or is it too short now? If it is, don't worry, sometimes all it takes is a few weeks to get it how you want it (I never like mine until a couple of weeks after a cut).
Tell Mr Beans you need a diamond tiara to take the attention away from your hair perhaps....worth a try?


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I know what you mean, Im really particular about my hair so much so that I get it cut at one place and coloured by another hair dresser whos bout half an hour away from my house. My hair is a big part of me, like you say its one thing you have control over. I have my nails done, my hair done and like my make up. it'll grow back soon sweetness xxx


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Sorry to hear about your hair babe. I hate going to the hairdressers. I have nearly waist long hair and I keep it in really good condition. I have it highlighted every few months and whenever I go, they always try to persuade me to have layers put in but my hair has a natural wave and it looks stupid with layers unless I straighten it every day (I wish I had the time!).

If you hair is short it will grow back in next to no time. What did the hairdresser do to it to make it look so bad?


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Aw hun, sorry your not happy with your hair. My hair is a big thing for me as well and if it is not how I want it I get so upset so I understand how you feel. Huge hugssss xx


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i suffer from bad hair days all the time........i just wish that my mum slept with my dad before they married, cos if she had, she would of seen how bad his hair looked in the morning...and married someone else............and i wouldn't of had wanky hair.......lol