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Weekends ruin my diets!

Hi All,
Does anyone else find that the weekend ruins all their hard dieting efforts of the week? During the week it seems somehow easier to stick to the routine of eating regualr healthy meals (well most days at least! :rolleyes:), but come the weekends all my hard work goes to pot! I have a long way to go with my weight loss so any advice or tips on how to keep on track are very welcome as I keep slipping back into bad habits! Thanks :)
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is going to loose!
Hi ya Becky,

Yep know the feeling. Trick for me is to save some points everyday (2) for the weekend. That way I have about 10 - 14 saved for a couple of glasses of wine and a meal out.

Remember that you are not on a diet and this is a life change, new habits and approach to food. Have the little treats along the way and point them. But remember treats are treats because you dont have them frequently.



is going to loose!
Trying to. Also following an old diet in terms of the foods, but point it all. I have a holiday in 7 ish weeks and would love to be 13lbs lighter!


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On WW is there a plan where you can carry points over from one day to the next? I seem to remember someone here saying you could on a new plan?

On SW you can do this with syns so people who find they struggle at weekends can have more syns on those days to get them through that difficuly part of the week. It's about identify what your danger points are and planning in advance for what you will do when that time arises. If you don't you more than likely will revert to old habits and that's where it all starts to go wrong.


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Oh yes I know this issue far too well. I work full time in an office and I can stick to my diet during the week. And on the weekends, being at home with my hubby I tend to snack a lot and I often put weight on over the weekend. It is very frustrating and on Monday morning I am all upset :( .


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weekends are certainly not easy, having said that i started my sw last saturday, as i had all the time i wanted to prep nice meals, as well as i think the key is to keep busy even on the weekend, and if you decide to slouch on the settee maybe prepare yourself a plate full of cut up veg and fruit and a low fat dip.
this way you still have the feeling of munching during a movie but its healthy stuff.
i have some small chocolate pieces in the freezer, so if i really really HAVE to have some chocolate i let myself have one or two pieces, followed by some fruit.
I allow myself a few treats of a weekend, i don't always use all my syns throughout the week and then i can have whatever i have been craving all week. Usually a take away or meal out. As long as you don't go too crazy lol :rolleyes: but i find that it helps me stay on track all week because i know i can have treats of a weekend. :eat: I don't beat myself up if i over indulge because if i feel guilty then i tend to eat more so i just alllow myself to have weekends off lol.
Im the oppersite the weekends are fine for me, but the day before weigh day seems to be the hardest for me. I don't know why but I seem to really struggle to be good the day before. Im trying to get out the habit though. x


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i am also very good all week, my problem is on a saturday night if i have any alcohol then i start eating for england and do not seem to be able to stop then really regret it the next day. so i now avoid the demon drink.


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I know that feeling very well! In fact, it's why I've just stumbled across and joined these forums!

I think it's because the weekend doesn't have a steady structure like week days do. I find especially f I've had a lie in and miss breakfast, my whole food routine for the day falls apart.

I think the best thing to do is to keep yourself busy to stop boredom setting in. Even if it's doing a bit of housework.
Finally some people like me! I absolutely agree with the comments. The week is fine, its structured but then you get to weekend and the naughtyness comes out. Alcohol is an absolute trigger for me to snack like crazy. Im fine at home, because a fish finger or some healthy nuts are better than packet of crisps. Its at the B.friends i falter. The mum buys loads of naughty food (their a very in shape family actually!) so i end up with a glass and then some savoury snacks. Its terrible and then you sit there eating it and getting upset but keeping going! Its mad. Its just at 8pm i cant do housework (its not my house) and i know its boredom but how to snap out of it is another matter!?
Weekends are my downfall. It's wine, crisps, nuts, more wine, more crisps etc. I have 10 lbs to reach my goal. I lose about 3 lbs during the week and put it all back on every weekend. It's my own fault. This weekend I'm not having any wine etc at all. Give me strength. I'm doing Rosemary Conley kick start for a couple of weeks and it's supposed to be no alcohol. Should we have a no alcohol weekend challenge??


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coffeelover i am all for a no alcohol weekend challenge
i did not give in last weekend nor this weekend only saturdays are my problem

happybunny; i will be alcohol free for the next 5 weeks till my hols 12/7
Oh my gosh, I am so glad I found this website!!!!! Weekends just kill me....it's the wine factor plus for some reason, as I work all week and my husband is never about (he's a chef) I somehow seem to feel entitled to treats when the kids are asleep upstairs and I am all alone on a friday and saturday night! I really must try harder............
Rightly so thinfor30. Especially if your alone it's even more difficult. I didn't have a drop last weekend, but almost caved in tonight because my husband is away for a few days. I'm staying strong though. Going to have a few vodka martinis this weekend and stay off the wine, as we go through so much. I've been exercising this week so hopefully it will help.

Wow 5 weeks fatbunny that's a great goal. Same here saturdays are a killer.
Hiya. I too find weekends harder on the diet. I am going to try and save some points each day through the week so that if I do go out, I don't do too much damage! I also find sitting around the house with nothing to do quite dangerous as I snack for the sake of it. Daft really but can't help myself sometimes :(
Yes! I am guilty as charged when it comes to this! :p

The thing that works for me is to ensure that I've got a lot planned for the weekend, so if I'm busy I am distracted from eating. If I'm in a position where everyone else is eating high calories foods (for instance, when friends order a take-away), I will make sure I choose something I like that's okay for me to eat (i.e. healthier/low calorie alternatives, sugar free sodas, etc). Usually, I find it hard to stick to it and ultimately end up going straight for the "bad stuff".
I do that too with take aways - I choose things that are better for me so that I don;t feel like I am missing out, but also feel like I am joining in with the treat!


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rather than doing sw this week i have been doing the ultrslim shakes and have lost 3lbs this week so there is no way any alcohol is passing my lips this weekend i am on a roll.

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