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Weekly meal ideas


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Just thought i'd post my weekly plans for meals. I am a very organised person and plan all meals weekly and then go to Tescos once a week for everything on the list for the week.
I have a chart on the kitchen cupboard with the plan on so everyone can see what there having all week.

so have just spent the last hour doing this weeks list ( nomally do it on a sunday eve, but been competing all weekend and have a extra day off today so just done it now)

so Monday ( today) GREEN
Lunch - Spaghetti carbonarra with quorn ham - Free and HEB for cheese
Dinner - Quorn lasagne - HEA and 4syns for packet cheese sauce
Pudding - fresh fruit, ff yogurt and meringue - 3

Tuesday - GREEN
Lunch - Quorn ham, egg and sw chips - FREE
Dinner - Quorn sausage caserole - FREE
Pudding - Berry french toast - 3

Wednesday - GREEN
Lunch- - Jacket potato with beans and cheese - Free and HEA
Dinner - Stir fry with quorn steak fillets.( Hubby is having HE of chicken) 2 syns for home made sweet and sour sauce
pudding - fruit, ff yogurt and meringue 3 syns

Thursday - Green ( red Huby)
Lunch - warm lentil salad
Dinner - falafels in pita bread with red cabbage salad and dip Free and HEB for pitta ( not strictly on the list i dont think)
pudding - Poached Pears - 3 syns ( i refuse to syn 1 pear cooked!!)

Friday - Green
Lunch - Macaroni quiche and Wedges- Free
Dinner - Tuna napolitana HEB for Tuna
Pudding - soufle omlete with fruit - free

Saturday - Green
Lunch - Home made soup
Dinner - Frittata and rosti - HEA or HEB for cheese
pudding - Chocolate mousse - 3 syns

Sunday - Green
Lunch - Layered past and cheese salad - HEA
Dinner - Aloo gobi and rice and mango chutney - 2 syns
Pudding - Strawberry scones with no sugar jelly 3 syns

Hope theres some ideas there for anyone

I'll try to work out how to post my chart........mmmmm
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Hey Honey
Your meals list looks great and has given me a few ideas :)
Do you always have green weeks or alternate?
This is day 6 for me on SW and so far I have been having green days every day!


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I am vegetarian so always Green days for me ( i do eat fish so have fish as a HEB on those days.) Hubby does eat meat, but only has 1 red day a week, with our budget and me being a veggie its easier to have 6 green and 1 red. he'll often have a small amount of meat as a HEB on a green ( stir fry day he's having chicken, i'm having quorn)


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#Shell_y - I have breakfast too, but that is always the same, Cereal and half my A on milk ( I use 1 HEA every other day for milk and then use the other day's HEA on recipes etc.)


Always comes back to MMs!
Great planning! Well done you xxxx
Sounds good.

Just a question though, which cheese sauce packet do you use? For 4 syns I need to know, had such a faff making one this weekend for a fish pie!!!


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#chicaloca - i am using the schwartz packet mix cheese sauce ( whole packet is 8syns split between myself and hubby = 4syns each) I havent used it before so will let you know if its worth it! I miss lasagne, have tried the SW versions with egg/fromage frais sauce but just yuk! am hoping this will work :)


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My weekly chart i have on the cupboard door. any gaps are to be used on whatever i fancy :) and what ever syns are left (I stick to 10)

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Thanks Honey!

You do know you can have two Hexa choices when doing Green or Red days, right?


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Yeah i know, i am still following the plan from years ago when you could only have 1 HEA......... BUT things like cheesey mugshots and tinned macaroni cheese and batchelors macaroni cheese packet pasta were all free, now they have a syn value becasue of 2 HEA's. (i still think of syns and SINS, which is what they were before) so i stick to that, worked for me, but if i know i haven't had anything like that i don't stress about a bit of extra milk or cheese. I am at target now and working out how to maintain!


Just doing it this time
wow, how organised are you. I'd just never keep to it - and my DD would eat something I got in for 'us' - DH & Me doing SW together, whilst I was at work and throw out my plan altogether !

Incidentally I make a lasagne without the creamy cheesey-saucey thingummy. Just make a lot of tinned tomatoe and veg and layer that over the lasagne sheets - cover with tin foil so the sauce penetrates the sheets and then for the last 10 minutes sprinkle on your HEA cheese for the day and pop back in the oven for the last 10 mins.



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So this weeks menu plan is

L - broccoli and blue cheese soup with bread 1.5 syns and HEB
D - Quorn ( chicken for hubby HEB) kiev with garlic butter, garlic and rosemary potatoes and veg 2syns
p - Rice pudding 3 syns

L- Spaghetti carbonarra
D - Jacket potato with beans and cheese - HEA cheese
P - Squidgy chocolate cake made in to black forest gateau with frozen cherries ( 4 syns maybe, havent worked it out yet)

L - Stuffed mushroom with sw wedged and salad - 1syn
D -Quorn chilli con carne and rice
p - Apple and sultana cake ( from Britmum's website 'Slimming eats' Slimming Eats )
L- Quorn ham, egg and SW chips
D - Leek and Pea pasta - 2syns and HEA for cheese
P - French toast with 'caramalised' apple 3 syns ( but i refuse to syn 1 apple cooked) so add whatever 1 cooked apple is if you want

I am going to Burghley horse Trials, and camping.... so am going to take some SW stuff as snack and will make have jacket potato's i think for lunchs, but the evening meals we'll go out and i'll ust enjoy it!

Sun evening meal though when back home will be Quorn meat balls and spaghetti HEA cheese
and for pudding fruit and meringue 3syns

Hope there are some ideas for anyone, let me know if you want any recipes, i've become obsessed with adding the pics to the pic thread so have a look there for the meals :)

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