Weekly Points ????


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Its not part of the new plan but I know a few people multiply their daily poinys by 7 and do it that was rather than daily. think it works well if you have a party or the likes coming up


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American WW do weekly points unless I am mistaken? I know Lydia is doing weekly points on here, but think it is her choice.. not anything to do with Discover plan x


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Ahh now I understand. Thanks for quick replies. :D

Thought I may have missed something with the new plan.. saying that it was hard to concentrate on what the leader was saying tonight as the helpers were chattering so much in the background and found it distracting to say the least. :mad:

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Not much to say about the "new" plan anyhow so you didn't miss much.

Basically everything stays the same - and Surprise! Surprise! you should eat more veg and fruit.....no s**t sherlock - they needed research for that????

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