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weigh day = treat day?


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Does anyone not track points on weigh day? or just have a particular treat?
When i used to do discover and sw i always used to use weigh day as a eat what i want day, although usually at somepoint it extended from just weigh day to forever and it was another failed attempt.
Its my first weigh in tomorrow and i'm not sure how to handle it to be honest, i've managed to stick for a whole week without falling of the wagon after months of messing about with slimming world although with the amount of points i'm on, its pretty hard to cheat.
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I have fridays as my "treat" days, and use my 49 weeklies as we usually have a take-away, chinese curry, kebab, or SF chicken ... i dont really count my pp on that day, but am still carefull in what i eat (if that makes sence) lol i also treat myself to haveing sugar in my coffee a few times a day too :)
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I've not long started, but use a Friday or a Saturday for either a take away or a night out, and use these from my weeklies ( although I lost count of them this week ESP when alcohol is involved!)
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I'd say if you want a treat, still point it and use your weeklies. Why break the diet if you dont have to :) Plus you wont feel like youve ruined it and carry on eating!x
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i try to point it or make a good guess, i don't like going blind.

i tend to eat most on weigh in night or the day after, unless i know i have a party or meal coming up, then i will save most of them for then.

i would definately point if i was you, then you can stay in control and avoid the same things happening again.


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I've pushed this first week to the limit, i'm currently eating some malteasers to completely use up my weeklies and its not even felt like i'm doing a diet which has been the best bit so i doubt i'll hit the points that much.
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I used to have a 'free' night on WI day doing Discover and it didn't work for me, as sometimes I'd eat 20 points which back then was a whole extra days food! Defo agree with the others and recommend using your weekly points to have treats :) x

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Like you I normally have done - but last week was my first weigh in and I just used the rest of the weeks weeklies, still managed a large chocolate bar, but all guilt free.

I don't want to reward a good weightloss with food, thats where my relationship with food started to go bad!

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