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weigh day?

Hi just wondering if anyone thinks the day you have your weigh in on makes a difference? For eg I like to have mine on a Tuesday so if I have saved points (old plan) for the weekend and ate more it either gives me time to make up the points back if I've gone over or just to settle after having lots of points before weigh in. It also gave me a few days before the weekend to save some points.

But on the new plan we dont save points as such but I suppose we could still save the weeklies for the weekend and it's the same sort of thing.

I'll be starting the new plan tomoz, it probably all works out in the end over the month or whatever no matter when your weigh day is, it just makes me feel better having it on a Tuesday lol, anyone else have a fave weigh day or think the same as me?
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Also a Wednesday would probably be good too, if not maybe even better than a tues on the new plan, maybe even a fri or sat as then i could have my treat night at the weekend lol but then if I use all my weeklies theyl be none left corvina rest of the were lol maybe I'll stick with midweek after all! I'll see how I go I think lol :)


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I have mine on a Friday morning. I was finding when my WI was on a Tuesday that I was eating more at the weekend and it was reflected on the scales! With it on a Friday it means if I eat lots of weeklies at the weekend I've still got most of the week to make up for it and be good. :)


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i like mine on tuesday... if i had mine on friday night i'd probably wreck my entire weekend, rather than just a tuesday night.

If you spend your weeklies in one go, try to keep that time at least 48 hours before the wi, no sooner. I like to have my weeklies done and eaten 2 days prior to wi... not that i ever find that toooo difficult :p

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When I did the old style WW I used to weigh myself every Friday morning so I could have a little binge on Friday and Saturday night and then make up for it in the week. Just started the pro-points and have plumped for first thing Saturday morning as I tend to only go out for a meal rarely and if so it would be on a Saturday so then I'll know where I am for the rest of the week.
So people have thought about it then! well I was going to start today but I'm wondering if tomoz (weds) might be better to have weigh day midweek plus I didn't get to tesco yest to get the stuff I need-bread milk etc


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I weigh I on a Friday, because I spend the weekend at my boyfriends and don't have much control over what I eat, although I try and share out my weeklies onto my points everyday :)

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