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Weigh in day .... Do you eat?


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Eat normally otherwise you just create a rod for your own back. If you restrict your intake on WI day then you need to do the same every week for as long as you are on SW and potentially for the rest of your life. Starving yourself on WI day can actually have an impact on your losses because it messes up your metabolism.
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I eat as normal on weigh in day! there is no point in being hungry, this is probably doing you more harm than good. if you have your tea before weigh in then just make sure you have the same routine every week. i eat my tea (fry up) an hour before weigh in every week and it has never done me any harm!
Ok thanks for the advice. Just went out and had a cup of tea with a banana on crackerbread. Think from next week I'll do what you guys say and just eat normally. Thanks again :)


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It's really not a good idea to fast on weigh-in day. If you start doing that, you'll feel like you have to do it every week, and think how miserable that will be! You're only cheating yourself, as well, as any "weight loss" from not eating your lunch will just be an empty stomach rather than fat loss - and I know that when I've done that, in the past, it often set me up for a binge as I was sooooo hungry when I got home after WI!

Just eat your lunch like normal next time, and it will make WI much less stressful :)

ETA: you posted while I was typing, lol. Sounds like you have the right idea! Good luck for WI tonight!
Thank you :) fingers crossed. I was good until an unplanned night out on Saturday and the resulting effects yesterday :s but I hope I did enough. Back on the wagon:)
There is a girl at my group who literally eats nothing every Monday until after WI which is 6.30. I don't know how she does it but I wouldn't advise it either!


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What you eat during the day of WI doesnt make much difference

BUT I wont eat 2 hours before WI because if you have 2lb of food for tea then thats 2lb in your belly, so i allow 2 hours digestion before WI mine is 6:30

ON WI day tomorrow for example

I will have my breakfast probabaly some superfree with yogurt

lunch i will have some super speed soup as well i made some today and ive got loads lol

I will have a snack about 3pm probabaly a banana because its more filling

then when i get home ill have my tea (I usually cook it before WI and eat it after)


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I WI in the morning now but when I had an evening WI (7.00pm) I used to eat normally, have a snack at about 4pm and not eat after that. Meant I wasn't starving but I'd had about 3 hours for everything to digest.
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I eat but tend to have the same things on wi day. Brekkie is porridge and yogurt and lunch is salad and cottage cheese - I weigh in at 5.30 and have my tea after that. I stop drinking about 3ish since I read that 1 pint of water weighs 1lb :eek:
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I eat as normal all day but I don't have my tea until I get back, only because we always eat late.


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I do tend to eat "lighter foods" you'd ne'er see me eat a huge plate of pasta on wi but I usually manage on my shreddies for breakfast and either salad or fruit for luck before wi! X

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