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weigh in day


im pleased to say that i have lost 4lbs this week. it could of been more but i had a blip one of the day. i felt really down as my eye sights recently got bad and i have 2 numb fingers which they are looking into. plus my dads got cancer again so ihave been so worried.

anyway i went head first into mc donalds, a large chicargo meal and fries then home to eat half a bag of haribos, half a bag of mints and 2 packets of crisps. oh i had a bad stomach which i so deserved for stuffing my face.

anyway the very next day i was back on plan and being good.

so a 4lbs loss this week is very much welcomed i shall try harder next week.

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maintaining since June'09
Well done on your loss. Great going under the circumstances. Hope things look up for you soon xx
4lbs is great. i got to wait 2 more days to weigh in day. I'm so hoping it will be a good result for me too. Well done for getting straight back on the plan again after little blow out!
Great loss considering the week you have had, i hope things get better for you soon:hug99:


Stubborn and doing it
That's a real good attitude. There's more to health than the scales - it's all about feeling better in yourself imho!

But here's hoping for a loss for you anyway ;)
Well it's been a stressful week hearing that my dad won't survive the operation to remove the cancer, I was so upset and my bf decided that I need space and sodded off when I really needed support.

But had some good news they are gonna remove it through his mouth and only sedate him.

So here I am single again cos bf can't handle the stress.

Not an easy week but stuck to diet 100% and I'm pleased to announce I have lost 6lbs this week wooohoooo

fingers crossed for a less stressful one
Your not really having a great time at the moment are you NEW ME 20009, i hope things look brighter for you soon.
Great loss on the weigh-in front though:happy096:


Stubborn and doing it
Sounds like a great plan - if you do 2 you'll definitely manage 1 :)

Hey, you've lost over 10% of your boby weight and have dropped in to the overweight BMI range - go you, no more obesity :D

well it's weighing in day and I'm pleased to say that I achieved both targets. One to be a 100% and the other to get into the 13's.

Wooohooo I lost 4lbs this week so I'm very pleased.

Plus been out a few times with a really
nice man I know so things are looking up for me.

Target for this week is gonna be do another 100% week and I want to lose at least 3lbs this week.

About time things calmed down .


Stubborn and doing it
Woohooo :D Well into the 13s :D

Bet you are glowing with pride in yourself.

Keep it up and here's to that 3 lbs loss (or more if lucky ;)) next week.

Not long until BMI 25.


maintaining since June'09
WooHoo!! Well done xx
Well done - You are doing really well despite all your stresses. To get back on the plan so quickly after a bad day is fantastic. You are right about doing this for youself - losing weight is such a positive thing to do to help you feel better in the long term. I have had a bit of a blip but I am here and ready to go again. I do feel annoyed with myself but I am only human and I am not going to dwell on my gains ! Was it worth it - No I don't think it was really - will I learn from my mistakes..........Hopefully !!
I hope this week is better for you - looking forward to hearing about your losses !

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