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weigh in last night...


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Sarah to be honest I think you have small loss weeks and high loss weeks and that overall they should average out. Isn't it reckoned that on average you should lose about a stone a month?

Please don't even let your mind get into that 'it's going slowly I'm giving up' phase as that is only going to make you feel generally worse about the whole situation and with long roads ahead of us I don't think we can do that.

Also in reality if you do give up what else are you going to do that could give you weight losses like what you've had? Of course you could go to Cambridge but that would only give you about the same losses. SW and WW aren't going to give you the big losses and doing nothing just means the weight will go back on.

:) You're not giving up - no matter if it takes 6 months or 8 months cos you know it can be done :)

And don't forget poor me who only lost 2lb this week .... I'd quite happily snatch your extra 1.3lbs xx



has started again!!
Thanks Cath. i appreciate your words of wisdom.

Was just feeling a bit low, and, of course, wanting to eat!!!


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And now hopefully you're feeling better and brighter :) That's the good thing about the down moments with this - they don't tend to last too long.

Enjoy the sunshine.

i wouldnt worry, your body just needs time to ajust, im sure you will lose alot more next week, your losing alot of weight quickly and your body probably hasnt got a clue what is happening. and at least you have lost and not gained its still coming off x x
Sez - just look at your weight loss over all - you're doing fab girl!!! How many other diets could you lose that on?

Keep strong :)

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