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weigh in no 4 !!!

Cheer up! it could be worse, I was 2lbs up on my second wi. 2lbs down is going in the right direction thats all that matters.


Slowly but surely!
Well done hun, your probably get a nice loss next week to make up for it so dont let it get you down :) x


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
2lbs is great - well done :)


maintaining since June'09
it all works out in the end hun so 2lbs is great, dont get disheartened over it, chin up babe
2lbs is still a bag of sugar that you've lost !

Well done and good luck for next week.


Crawling to the finish!
2lbs is great :) well done ! its not a race, your going in the right direction so keep doing what your doing :0) xx
Keep going. You should be proud of your total loss altogether. dont worry you are doing fab fab fab...
look at it in terms of your overall loss, like others are saying - 23lb in 4 weeks is blooming marvellous :)
2lb is great hun, keep going xxx
2lb is fab on the overall picture of things. I wouldn't mind a 2lb week if i could get the 23lb loss in four weeks. lol.
Your doing just brill. x x x x x

Jo x

mini goals
1. get through first week Done :D
1.5. get through week 2.. Done but did cheat.:sigh:
2. to lose a stone Done 6.5 & 7.5 does add up to 14lb but ticker shows 13lb :D
3. to drop a dress size Done Now back in size 16 jeans :D
4. to get through week 3 without cheating.
5. to lose 2 stone
6. to drop another dress size.
more mini goals to come lol.

wk 1 -7.5lb
wk 2 -6.5lb 1 stone gone :D
wk 3

2lb is great. Just pick up a bag of sugar and feel just how heavy 2lbs is. well done chick x

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