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Weigh In Treats

Hi all

This is a burning question of mine which kind of reared its ugly head in another thread. Who else has a treat after weigh in? And... what kind of treats does one give themselves...? e.g. I am weighing in tonight and I have taken a danish (alright two, but I will give one to my SW friend after class inthe darkness of the carpark!) for after weigh in. I know of someone in my old class who would have a whole pizza and wonder why she never lost much! In the past I have succummed to chip shops chips and a saveloy (oh the shame!).
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Haha this subject comes up quite a bit in this forum!!! I know it's tempting to indulge on WI night, because you kind of see it as an insignificant black hole and that the next day is actually the start of the new week!! I suppose I relax a little, but I usually treat myself to a HIFI bar or something- I never have anything I can't afford in my syns! The way I see it is that every single thing I put in my mouth from one WI to the next counts!! I also know someone who has fish & chips around the corner from the class every week without fail and she just can't see why she isn't getting anywhere!!!X


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mines usually something similar too like a peice of chocolate or an alpen lite!


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When I was doing SW I didn't dare treat myself with food as I'd be munching for days after wheras som people can do it (lucky buggars :p ) xx


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I'm trying to move away from considering food as a treat. I treated myself too many times in the past and with each treat more and more weight piled on. Funny I am less likely to crave food after a weigh in if I have lost? Where is the logic in that !!!!


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I weigh in in the morning, and afterwards I've taken to going into town, going to Starbucks and having a coffee in there - I have a skinny latte (milk taken from HexA) with sugar free syrup (free). It tastes as naughty as hell and feels like a real treat, but it's all within plan :D


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Well i have a BIG love for crisps. I normally have a SW meal and treat myself to some crisps and try to stay within allowance. However, last night was my WI night and i had to deliver a parents evening (im a teacher) and didnt finish work til gone 8pm. So i had a KFC instead. Back on track today and i know i have syns to make up so today im only allowing myself 5 syns for a hot choc later on before bed. I think you can treat yourself but dont be disappointed if you dont do well the following week i suppose. x


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I only have a treat within syns. I use my syns weekly so I have about 20 after WI. I don't have anything that's not counted.


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If i have a treat it doesnt stop at monday night after WI it seems to drag through to wednesday morning and by then I seem to think ive messed up the start of the week might aswell carry on so trying to not treat myself after WI as becomes automatic bad start to the week for me!! is this just me??

Brightonrosie - Defo agree seems to b easier to not want a treat if had good weight lose as if i want to carry on in same direction mayb thats the answer....always have good loses!! I wish!xx


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When I was doing WW I did this all the time - never counted the points. I don't feel the need to do it with SW as I don't feel so deprived. My WI is on my way home from work so I have my usual SW meal afterwards and might save my syns that day until evening - which is fairly normal for me too.


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I ALWAYS have a treat after WI! I normally have about 10 syns left...but I dont count the syns on the things I decide to treat myself to. I normally a dinner i thought was healthy before SW (like fajitas or waitrose soup), and then something sweet (like a slice of cheesecake or some chocolate). I dont get anything like mcdonalds or any take aways. I suppose if I counted my treats they would probably add up to 20ish syns! I normally know the syn value of what I'm having.

I do that and then draw a line under it. I start the next day like a fresh week and having a treat very rarely sends me on a spiral. I don't know if it effects WI for me or not but im normally happy with my losses so I don't think it does for me! Maybe closer to target it will and i'll have to cut it out but at the moment its fine!

Plus I normally do Urban Rebounding at the gym the morning after evening WI so maybe that helps!x
I have been not having treats after weigh in for the last month, but I got my 2 stone sticker tonight, so i decided that was a great achievement and me and OH had a pizza hut delivered. I also have had some mini eggs.

100% on plan the rest of the week! hoorah!

ordinarily though i would have something on plan though like steak - and SW chips! :D xxx
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I know even going slightly off plan stops my weightloss or even makes me put on-even if it's just a few syns over :( But I do have a treat within syns....but then I do most days coz SW is awesome and allows me to do it ;) Yesterday I had a big loss to celebrate so had a Time Out :D


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I treated myself to sausage mash and tinned 'sketti'!!! The sausages were the 1 Syn ones, but it felt norty!

Then I bounced round the house because I lost 6 lb!
I have been not having treats after weigh in for the last month, but I got my 2 stone sticker tonight, so i decided that was a great achievement and me and OH had a pizza hut delivered. I also have had some mini eggs.
Have you found your losses have increased then if you have stopped having treats that you would have had before?


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I always have a treat after wi, normally egg fried rice and curry sauce! only 10 syns for that,sometimes I have spring rolls too, but I suppose if i look at it, i never normally have over 5-10 syns a day so in a way i am flexi synning as it would all be in my allowance! I also find that if i am not naughty at all and use my syns for say gravy instead of chocolate on a few days, i don't have a good loss the next week! Very strange! hehe x
Have you found your losses have increased then if you have stopped having treats that you would have had before?
Totally - i expect to have a small loss/maintain this week as I have had Pizza hut tonight.

It simple maths really - based on the number of calories/syns in, the higher the amount of calories/syns the less likely you are to lose weight in a week.

If you keep to your syns over the week then you will lose, but if you have a 100% on plan week, you should have a 100% chance of losing!



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I tend to treat myself to a Weight watchers ready meal, usually frozen beef lasagne for 5.5 syns. Feels naughty as i'm not cooking from scratch like I usually do!

Oh and sometimes have a hi-fi bar or curly wurly too.

I rarely have a big blow out after weigh in because, as many others have said, it will still count towards your next week weigh in!

Yes be naughty - but still count your syns!


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