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Weigh-In Worries.. Now With Friday WI Results

I have a real reason to worry about WI tomorrow!

Soo last week I was on holiday and it was star week bang on in the middle of it, so I just continued taking my pill to stop the star week from happening. Got home and started getting these really nasty stomach cramps, got myself to the docs and it turns out I have a large ovarian cyst due to lots of hormones and no star week. Now im bloated as a whale and in pain and not looking forward to WI tomorrow morning!

Rant over.
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Are you going to have it removed?? I have PCOS, amongst other things in 'that' region so I feel for you. Just remember due to what your doc has found plus not feeling good it may not be you 'natural weight' at weigh-in, if thats makes sense?! So if its not great, that'll be the reason so you won't feel as if you've done anything wrong so don't feel bad. Not sure that actually makes sense! ;)
Semi makes sense, thanks!
Just feel really blated due to not having a star week too.
The doc has told me to continue taking the rest of the packet and then have my normal star week and see what happens after that, they are hoping it will get rid of itself. Failing that, I will have to have an ultrasound to see whats happening.
((hugs to you))

dw about Wi, it wont rerad a true result its its gain i expect, so weigh in, and be good but dont take it to heart, you ahve other things to worry about atm xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Aww Hun...how awful for you!!! Just concentrate on feeling better.

Hope your ok, ive just had second tumour removed, 8cm, large in their eyes, im back on track now its been three weeks now, and im starting s/world having put two stone on, so make sure you keep an eye on the pain, and if in doubt ..... ask advice,
Well done on maintaining and hope everything goes well hun :)


Lover of Extra Easy
Well done Sarah with the STS.
That is really brilliant considering you were on holiday and have this nasty problem.
I bet you have a huge loss when things sort themselves out.
((hugs)) and hope you feel much better soon.
Well done on your maintain hun.

I second what Racquel said though, not to worry you but just keep an eye on any pain etc and if you feel you need to see a doctor make sure you do. I've had my right ovary and fallopian tube removed cos of a cyst, have had smaller cysts since though that just disappear by themselves. Aren't bodies brilliant lol x

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