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Weighed in

Well done! Unlike me I was crying my eyes out this morning as I had a sneaky weigh in before properly on Monday and seems I have put 1lb on! I was so upset, now I'm just angry! I really dont get why I would of put it on considering I have been SOOOOO good, and doing exercise!! I'm not even near due totm so thats no excuse!! I'm gonna weigh again Monday and hope for the best, I really feel to have a blow out and eat everything in sight, but I'm not!

OK moan over! Lol x


Crawling to the finish!
Don't worry, I weighed myself last night and was 2lbs heavier, stick to the same weigh in and time weekly you'll be fine :0) x
I know I keep saying this but I just don't get it? Why would I put weight on if I have been strict!

Have you been good too and still put weight on? It's so annoying!! I wish I didn't weigh myself now, my little devil voice keeps telling me eat eat, you have put on so might as well!! Lol x
Allie is absolutlycorrect, your body will retain more water than normal if your exercising more than you used to - its because its 'scared' your going to stop exercising so makes 'reserves' of liquid- the more you exercise the less liquid you will retain......you had a fantastic loss last week so dont be disheartened, it could just be your body adjusting.
This is why i dont weigh in daily or have sneaky peeks as i have been caught out in the past, i take the battery out of my scales now after WI and my hubby hides it till the next WI day!!!!! LOL!
Well this week I have actually done less exercise that I did on my first week so is that's what is making a difference? I thought I would of lost also as not meaning to be crude but been for a number two more this week than last? I'm so confused!

Thanks for your support and info it's really very helpful, I wish I knew all that stuff and maybe I wouldn't get so upset. X

Keep your chin up hon, it will come off and like Allie said you will deffo be losing inches.
Thanks so much ladies, you really are a great support. Really appreciate it. Thank you x
I seriously have a problem! I weighed myself again this morning to see if that pound was still there!! And yes it was, so I'm going to get on that exercise bike and work my ass off!!! Lol

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