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Weighing yourself everyday

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Is it really bad that I weigh myself everyday?

I always have the urge to do it every morning and get disappointed that I haven't lost any weight and keep wondering why. I only track the Monday's weight because that's when I started the diet.

Does anyone else do this?

BTW: I'm quite new to this form, what does STS mean?
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Yes it is bad to weigh yourself every day. There's no point as your weight changes within a week, within a month actually, and it gets you down sometimes. Wait for WI day!

STS means stayed the same.

Good luck for your weight loss journey :)
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I'm shaking my head at you weighing everyday. Whats the point? Like Vikstar says, you're weight fluctuates during the day, everyday......and you'll look at it get down because it will seem that you havn't lost, which could send you of the straight and narrow with a 'sod it' attitude when if you'd waited till you should have got weighed you would no doubt have seen a loss. Get rid of the scales.....ask a friend to look after them.....anything but please stop jumping on them all the time!!!

On a good note, well done on your loss so far.....keep going!! xx
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I was AWFUL at weighing myself every morning. Every day as soon as i got up (as thats when i weigh myself on WI day...before breakfast). And it does me no good as the girls said, your weight goes up and down.

So this week the bathroom scales have been banned and im refusing to do a "body test" on the wii fit until monday morning when i weigh in. I use my wii fit to do my weigh in's as i find it very accurate on my laminate floor...and also it "cheers" if i lose weight...my bathroom scales dont do that haha xxx


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Haha, that's a great idea, cheering scales :D

Just think of it this way...the longer you leave it, the bigger the loss. Don't even think about the scales until weigh in day.
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the cheering is great....but if you gain weight...its so disapointed in you! Makes you feel ashamed haha. And dont even get me started on if you miss a day and it "pretends" it doesnt know who you are as its been "that long"...so annoying!! haha :p xx
Is it really bad that I weigh myself everyday?

I always have the urge to do it every morning and get disappointed that I haven't lost any weight and keep wondering why.
. . .
You have answered your own question really.

Is it bad to do something which makes you feel bad?

Yes, it is.
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Step away from the scales!!! I weigh once a week - after my club weigh in just to check that mine are right and to prove im not making up the stuff written in my book!!! Good luck! x


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I must admit that since I've been back on the scales ( I was off the top end of my digital scales... :( ), I have been weighing myself on them more and more often..
I'm fed up this week because as of about half an hour ago I've only lost 1lb.. weigh in is tomorrow so it's not going to be a big week I don't think..
I know that 1lb is still a loss etc, but when you're used to 3,4 and even up to 9lb a week losses, it's dissapointing..
I won't mind smaller losses when I'm down in the very low 20's range, but at the moment I want to shift it fast..


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I would say that daily weighing would feature very high on the list of ways to sabotage your weight loss. Unless you are very strong minded and able to discount what it says every day then you are are in a no win situation. If it shows a gain you feel crap and are more likely to go off plan, and if it shows a loss you subconsciously relax and that can also lead to you going off plan.

So give yourself the biggest gift you can and ditch the scales. If you are not going to class weigh in at boots and don't have scales at home at all!


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It is bad. But then again what is right?
Slimming World etc, say weigh Weekly.
Dukan Diet etc, say weigh daily as it keeps you motivated or on track (if you've gained you'd rein in)
Hospitals and Dieticians say to Weigh Monthly.



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I put my scales in the shed this morning, as they were next to my sink and everytime I went in the bathroom I jumped on them, did me no good at all! The only thing now is that when I go to weigh in next Tuesday it will be a complete suprise on my weight, so will be very nervous, suppose that is how most people feel any way though!


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I do it out of habit BUT I'm not swayed by what the scales say because I know it only counts on weigh in day - really I just find it interesting. I'm finding out more about how I retain weight at certain times of the month, how my body is working and can now recognise patterns over the course of the week without freaking out if I appear to have gained half a pound or whatever. If what you see bothers you and affects your ability to stick to plan the scales need to go!
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I have weighed myself in the past to check how i was going, but then i just got obsessed with it. I dont do it anymore, i just stick to my class scales as hard as it is, but at the end of the day..what will be, will be.


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Hey hun I'm gonna have to agree with everyone else on here and tell you to not weigh yourself every day. I'm measuring by clothes size only as I chose not to own a set of scales and I do not go to class. xx
I know SW says not to weigh every day, it can be counterproductive, ...
Ok, I confess, I do it. Just started 10 days ago and for me it's at the moment a way to spur myself on. If it stays the same, then I know I'm at least not doing somthing totally wrong. If I put on, back to the book and re-read. If I lose :D
At the end of the day it's everybody's own choice I guess.


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I weigh myself 2x a week, just to make sure i'm on track, that dictates how good/bad my weekend will be :p I do have to tell myself to stop there because it can get into an unhealthy obsession.

I'd say its not really a very good idea to do it every day because you can lose one day then gain the next. the body can fluctuate half a stone throughout the day as well.

Daily is definitely too much, and monthly is probably not enough for people like us who do have to have a relative amount of control over it.
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Just read this thread and it is so me but by reading what you have all said although deep down I know its right you have proved the point. Scales be gone will only weigh in at class.
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I weigh pretty much every day. However I do SW at home so they are my weigh day scales. I also weigh only at the same time every day, in my pyjamas.

What the scales has shown has always been spot on, ie after the weekend i tend to go by a lb or 2lb and by Thursday weigh day i'm down 1lb or 2lb on the previous week.

I know if I dont follow plan 100% the scales will show this, but I also know the plan works, so if I stray a little I get right back on it.

I wouldn't recommend weighing every day though if its going to deflate you, or you use it as a reaon to binge, or most importantly, if they are not the scales you actually do WI on, as theyre propbably going to differ anyway.
S: 12st4lb C: 11st11lb G: 9st6lb BMI: 29.2 Loss: 0st7lb(4.07%)
I have resisted the urge to go on the scales and I am really looking forward to weigh in tonight, anyone else not had a quick look lol xx


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