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Weight and clothes size...

It just doesn't add up does it??

I'm 5"3 (ish), currently weigh 15 stone 4lbs and fit into size 14 tops and 18 bottoms.
My legs are quite chunky but I have a 32 inch waist.
Yet, I know women who weigh more than me who have slimmer legs and women who weigh less than me who have a wider waist!

It amazes me just how different we all are :D

That's why I think my target is going to be to fit into a size 10 top and 12 bottoms. I don't think my weight correlates with my clothes size AT ALL!!

Does anyone else have a clothes size target rather than weight? xo
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Yes I know what you mean realistically for me 11 .5 stone is around a size 12 top and bottom . I am 5 ft 7 and currently 14 stone 12 size 18 bottom and 16 top so that's 3 stone ish to lose and 3 dress sizes ( a stone usually is a dress size for me!)
I've always had the same type of body proportions as you, and the same problems with clothes. Both my target size and my target weight relate to this, because I remember my mid twenties when I was happy with the way I looked and the clothes I could buy for my 5'5'' frame and 10st7lb body. Even in those days my legs and hips were much larger in proportion to my waist, bust and shoulders. But to reach that weight/size again would make me feel good, so that's what I'm working towards now though I have further to go than you!
I too am always amazed at how different people are. Considering my weight, I think I must carry it very well as it doesn't reflect in my clothes size. I started at 17st 5.5lb's and am 5ft 6. My dress size is 18 top, and 18-20 bottom. I've read stories in SW magazine of people who are similar height/weight to me who are dress size 28!! But likewise I seem to go down dress sizes very slowly. Last time I dieted successfully I managed to get down to 14st 12lb's (before giving up :sigh:), my lowest weight ever, and with a bit of a struggle could just about squeeze myself into size 16 trousers. But my 18's were more comfy ;) Weird isn't it??


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I would love to be a size 12....but with FF cup boobs, i dont think i am going to be in less than a 14 up top.

Who knows tho - i have never been this light as long as i can remember, so if i keep going i am sure my shape will change again! I am a pear! xx
I want to get to a size 12 bottom and 14 top.. like ellebear says only the boobs stand in my way of a smaller dress size!! When i was 11,7lbs last time i was a size 12 bottom and my goal is 11st so fingers crossed!!

Although i do believe only when i look in the mirror ans smile then that will be my true target weight regardless of the scales or dress size!!


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im 11 stone 7lbs and im a size 14 top (even tho i have size G boobs!) and 14/16 on the bottom. and im 5ft 4. Which is why ive joined the gym in the hope i can tone it up and be less "wobbly" lol xx


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I would love to be a size 12....but with FF cup boobs, i dont think i am going to be in less than a 14 up top.

Who knows tho - i have never been this light as long as i can remember, so if i keep going i am sure my shape will change again! I am a pear! xx
I'm a H cup and wearing size 8/10s on top. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever (especially considering I was a G cup when I was a size 14/16) but it can happen!!

To answer the OP, I just find the whole weight/height/size correlation a big confusion generally. I can never see any consistency between any of them from person to person!!


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I'm 6ft and 11st11lb. I went shopping yesterday to buy some new clothes and depending which shop I went in I ranged from a size 10 to size 14! Very frustrating. I'm a hippy girl and always have trouble with jeans. I seem to have to buy them a size bigger to get over my hips but then they are massive round my waist!

I really wish clothes shops would stick to standard sizes instead of vanity sizing. I would just really like to know what size I am really.


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Oh I always thought Pears had quite small top halfs....with FF up are you sure you are not hourglass?

How daft is that question because I know if you say you are a pear you are a pear but my head does not compute LOL
My Measurements are 41 bust, 34 waist and 45 hips - so i thought that made me a pear....?
I would personally say that makes you an hourglass Ellebear, as you have curvy hips and bust but slimmer waist. Pears generally carry more weight on their hips but often have quite a small bust.

I'm an hourglass, I have F cup breasts and curvy hips but go in at the waist. Both my mum and sister are pears - they have curvy hips but are only B/C cups.
I am 5ft 2" and 10st 3lbs, I can wear a 12 - on the bottom- but feels a bit tight, so normally wear 14 which are a bit loose!
Top half a 12 is fine.
It is crazy and about time that clothes sizes were standardised just like shoe sizes are !!!

I am 5'6'' started at 19 stone and was a size 26 . I am now 12 stone and a size 14 ...the lowest I have been is 11,3 and I was still a 14 ...my goal is around 10,7 but I just want to be a comfy size 12 ( wow my origanal goal was a size 16 !!) ... I am hourglass shape .. the first things that disappeared were my boobs , went from a DD to a B :cry: lol


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I donm't mind what weight I am, but I really want to be a size 10, however I look ill if I get too thin so guess I'll know then :)
At the moment I'm 11 stone 7 and either a 12 or loose 14/same on the top.
A few years ago when I was about this weight I was a comfortable 12 on the bottom & 16 on the top, but I've had a breast reduction since then.
Guess if I hadn't had the boobs last time I wouldda been about 11 stone 2 cos had 5lb taken away in the operation
I am 5' 10" and currently 11st 1lb and getting into size 12 nicely from a tight 16. My daughter in law who is the same height as me said she would look really ill and gaunt at that weight it is interesting how we are all so different.


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I guess my target is loosely based on what I was when I was last a size 10-12. It has been a while so I haven't set a final PAT yet - for now I am focussing on removing the obese and overweight fat.

Yep - it is amazing how different we are!

I was a size 18-20 at 14.8, and now at 13.8 I am still a size 18 with a 36 inch waist. I am taller than you, too!
Oh your stats say yr 5' 6" or were you posting to someone else? You will know when to set your PAT, my c kept mentioning it in I T but I just said I want to wait till I get my club 10, then I want to wait till I lose 1.5 stone, then I felt ready. Dont be pushed into setting target until you yourself are ready. You will do it, and you have done so well, congrats, keep on going whoop whoop

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