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Weight Differences

I bought myself a new digital scales the other day and decided to weigh myself (I know I should wait til my weigh in but its for the times Im feeling crappy - standing on it reminds me what Im doing)

The only thing is I have a 5lb difference between my scales and the pharmacy.

According to the pharmacy Im 14'11 but on mine Im 14'6. Ive done it several times in kilos and pounds and with different clothes and its still exactly 5lb in the difference.:confused:

Anyone else noticed something like this?

Im just thinking its too much of a difference. I could understand 1 or 2lb but 5!?:confused:
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Have you got your scales on a hard surface? Sometimes if they're on carpet it can make a difference. You could try moving them to a different place in the room too - you never know! x
to be honest this just shows why we're not meant to weigh on different scales between weigh ins!!

unless of course you've lost 5lbs since your pharmacy weigh in ;)

use them as a rough guide but don't worry too much about it, that's all i'd say.
different scales weigh you differently
but what you are looking for is a downward trend and that is what matters
my scales are the same as the ones in class but I love going to the docs as my doctors scales always weigh me 5lb less :)


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mine are 5lbs less than the chemists and i go by those for the reason that they are also the same as the ones at the gym AND the chemist admitted that they were wrong!!!! i also go by mine because im going to be using those in the long run and i dont want to confuse issues

h xx obviously, though the choice is the individuals..and that is mine lol


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I consistently weigh 2 lb heavier on my scales than the chemist ones, so as long as it is consistent I don't mind. I weigh myself after I come back from my weigh in just to check. I don't weigh myself as often as I did at the start of the diet, have started to trust it is coming off, so I don't feel the need to.
Best of luck.


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well i am on and off a variety of scales. i know i shouldn't but its like an addiction! (mind it is better than been addicted to food)
as long as the scales show my weight going down i am pleased.

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