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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Dietingdon, 21 July 2009 Social URL.

  1. Dietingdon

    Dietingdon Silver Member

    Although my WI day isnt until tomorrow, I know I have gained this week, and am a bit gutted. I broke my hand the end of last week, and have eaten since, partly because the hospital said I must take the strong painkillers with food, but that's no excuse for the marmite on white toast!!!
    I was having a week off from tomorrow for my holiday, and still plan to do this, but am worried that'll mean even more of a gain the following week. I'm also worried about getting back on track after my holiday. As you can see from my tracker, I still have some way to go.
    Thanks for listening, really needed to off load.
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  3. Katierose

    Katierose Gold Member

    Just wanted to say that enjoy your holiday, and start afresh when you get back, and if you can Im sure you ll make wiser choices whilst on holiday (reading other people's threads when back from holiday) Also hope your hand is better x You ve done well so far :D x
  4. curlywurly1234

    curlywurly1234 Cambridge Consultant

    Hey hon
    The scales change all the time and dont right your weigh in off before you have even been..... Drink lots of water today.. and I am sure you will have a loss by tomorrow..
    Hope your hand is ok...... and also if your not doing cd on holiday try and go for the healthy options.....
    Take care hon and chin up you have done so well x

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