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weight gain

Or it could just be you adjust to the diet Siobhan.


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Could be anything aye, sometimes I find the scales show a gain of upto 3lbs, but the next day it's in the minuses again, do you weigh weekly or daily?
i gained a pound one day and lost it again the next, its just a fluctuate, if you weigh daily you will see it, but you would not have known if you weight weekly :) i know myself
i weighed myself again today and put on even more weight! I'm sure im out of ketosis, im starving. just feel like eating a big lasagne or one of my easter eggs :-(
Go back to basic induction hunni and that will straighten you out I'm sure. Go and have a fat and protein breakfast :)
i would suggest you post every thing you eat on here so we can look it over and help you get through this. we will get you there.
The thing about 'days off' is that they can spiral out of control and become two, three, five or more days off.

You get your appetite craving carbohydrates again, and those cravings can be very strong. This is why it is usually best to go right back into a clean Induction until the cravings are under control. It only takes a bit of 'cheating' to have you ready to eat the cupboard, door and all, so be careful. Give yourself the best chance of getting back to the safety of ketosis. I think of it like a true safety net. I can always go back to it, and calm down those old voices that tell me to binge.

Good luck with it! You'll be fine x


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I had a day off the other week, and unfortunately it turned into the whole weekend off the wagon, I had a gain of SIX lbs haha, was tough to get back into ketosis after that -.-"


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I seem to have totally stalled after loosing just over 1st and have no idae why. Ive stopped drinking fizzy, and have totally cut down on my cheese. Is it possible to not have enough fat or eat enough?
You shouldn't weigh daily, I know we've all done it but your body weight will fluctuate on a daily basis.
I know I really need to stop weighing myself! I put on 3 lbs altogether. That still makes 7 in two weeks so I guess its not too bad? I managed to stick to it tho :)
yes stick to it Siobhan, are you posting what you are eating?
I add my voice to those who say, stick with it! Over time this way of eating becomes 'normal' - second nature - and you really feel the benefit.

I would never have been able to lose so much and keep it off without Atkins. I owe the good Doctor a lot, God rest his soul.

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