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Weight loss................3weeks in

I started on 23/03/2010
I have lost 18lbs

I am so proud, so if anyone is thinking of starting or is in the first week. Just stick to it, it works so good.

I have just been to spinning class..................omg!!! No one warned me ho hard if would be. lol!! Must have burnt a fair few calories in that 45mins.
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Well done on your fantastic weight loss!:happy096:
well done for ur loss!!

Ie had another tiny loss but thats how my losses work! lolz I never have more that 2lbs off at any one time!! I had a sneaky peak today and showing 12.3!! start weight 1.5 weeks ago was 12.6! So its going somewhere but just not very fast! This suits me fine tho as ive been in a rut for over 2 months prior to this!

Good luckt o us all!
i'm in my first week so this definitely motivates me to stick at it!, thats an awesome loss!... just finished my secund day and so far so good! finding it rele easy to stick to at the moment.. altho i'm not doing slimfast i bought the tesco ultra slim, but theyre pretty much the same thing.. just went for the cheaper option! lol .. do you have many snacks in the day?x
i tend to have 2 snacks during the day

work snacks are a mix n match of

weight watchers yogarts
weetabix cereal bar
kellogs bar
<100 kcal crisps
1 toast and cheese slice ( morning)

at home i tend to snack on fruit
or somic fromt he above.

my snacks are boring but do the job!
looking for more lower sugar snacks now as
ive noticed the shakes have a lot of sugar in them!

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