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Weight loss after week 1


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I realise that you don't lose as much as your first weigh in because you've lost water and glycogen. However, I'm 5 days into my second week and the scales are moving around 0.2-0.4lbs a day and I've losy 2lbs so far. I'm not expecting a huge loss, butI was was wondering whether people find that a couple of pounds just drops off before their weigh in. I've been 100% and I know that as long as I stick to it the weight will drop off, but it can be disheartening sometimes when you only see 0.2lbs off.
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One day at a time!
I found that the scales dropped by the end of the week, just before weigh-in. Try not to scale-hop as it disheartens you - it did me, I'd thinnk "oh no, it's not working"! However it does. I try and only step on the scales once between weigh-ins and then wait for the big surprise on WI day. :)


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Thanks minxie! The scales are like my frenemy, lol. I need to stop scale hopping. I'll not use them next week until weigh in :)


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Good girl... stay off them until it's been a whole week and it will help you to see a bigger loss and not break your heart! Perhaps try the tape measure mid week???



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ok, teach yourself really early....stop scale hopping! It wont do you any good! Only go buy your CDC's scales on a weekly basis...if your being 100% hun, then the scales wont lie....!

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