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Weight loss and other questions about 810?


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(I posted this in the 100% forum as well, didn't know where most 810 people where :))

Hi, I have done SS for a few weeks. And now I feel with weddings and holidays coming up, that I should move up to 810.

Actually I wanted to do a mix of SS and 810, but my CDC said it wasn't good to mix the two (I was thinking SS and then salad with protein twice a week or so).

So it seems like the only option I have is to do 810. And I am a bit worried that the weight loss will slow down much? What are your experiences?

I live in Sweden, so our program is a little different from yours, but 810 seems the same with 3 shakes then a meal of about 400 cal. I have looked at this page: cambridge six steps to losing weight()

Anyone on 810 diet here? How do you plan your days, when do you have shakes, and when do you eat? Do you have any recipes that you would like to share? And has your weight loss slowed down much?

I would be most grateful if you could share some of your experiences on 810!
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Asa, I posted you a reply, but somehow it ended up in another thread, if you want to see it look in, 'While your family eats', which is on this board somewhere, sorry to be such a dunce!


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I'll reply here :)

I am actually finding the 810 all good at the minute, I started last week, and by weigh in yesterday, I had lost 3lb (and that was with a blip on Thursday- don't try this at home!!)The week before I lost 2lb on ss, so it just goes to show moving up a plan can speed things along.
It sounds strange but if the body is taking in too few calories it will go into starvation mode and hang on to any food you put in therefore slowing weightloss. Going up to 810 definately helped me to kick start things, and as a bonus I got to eat food!
My typical day on 810 is:
9.30am- porridge
2.30pm chocolate tetra
4.00pm meal (quorn and 3 tablespoons of veg)
9.00pm- hot shake

Hope this helps:D
Thank you for replying! What a great loss for your first 810 week!!! Was it your first week overall, or have you done ss or ss+ before that?

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