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weight loss and PCOS

hi all
I have a question about PCOS i have been on Metformin for my diabeties i havent taken any since my op and had fasting blood test today. If bloods come back normal then gp stoping them.
I am concerned as Metformin helps affects of PCOS and was thinking maybe this is why i have stopped losing weight does anyone know the amouint of metformin used to treat PCOS.
Thanks guys
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i have pcos but have never been on any drugs to help so i have no idea i am sure someone will be along to help, otherwise you could ask your gp


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Good idea Starlight!

I have moved the thread here to the PCOS forum in the hope someone can help answer your question!
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hi chucky
have a perusal of this it suggests
1700mg in 2 850mg doses per day

http://www.endocrineonline.org/pdf box/pcos+met.pdf

my endocrinologist has prescribed 1500mg per day in 3 500mg doses

how long have you been of metformin for as it must take a while to get out of your system?

good luck chuck x
hi thanks for replies

i havent taken metformin since i had my bypass which was 6 weeks ago.
I will mention to my gp when i next go.
thanks again


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I was prescribed metformin for my PCOS as I have really dark skin in places that naturally crease like my neck, underarms etc. Its caused by a build up of insulin that my body cannot break down, so I was given metformin. TBH I didnt take it for long as I wanted to do more research on the side effects of it...I was then granted funding for the bypass and have never thought any more of it! Fingers crossed things will improve on the skin front!


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I was on 1500mg per day split into 3 500mg doses.

My doc took me off when I was talking about ttc as she was concerned about me continuing it.

Although to be honest I didn't find that it made a whole diff to me weight loss, but then I am on Cambridge where you are controlled for carbs and lose a solid stone a month anyway.

I was really no help there at all was I? Sorry!
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Hi girl's,
would you all mind if i join you? Im a pcos sufferer as well. diagnosed at 22..that was way back in 1994...got the excess hair, and overweight. been lucky to have two gorgeous kids.Shannon and Finlay.Shannon concieved natural, and needed Clomid, to concieve my son.had merena Coil fitted after i had him, as my familly is now complete. Ive got 4 stone to lose.started a healthy eating and exercise plan (mainly on the Wii which i love!), on tuesday and enjoying it so far.Anyway, would like to share in the war against the flab, and anything else that we need to chat about..
Linda xx

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