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Weight Loss Buddies Needed

Hey i think i need some weight loss Buddies! Preferable anyone who is in for a long haul i have 9 or 10 stone to loose and it would be good to have someone or a few people to help keep me motivated and in return me keep them motivated. Any one interested??
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yeah i agree with what stig said, we have a little friendship going between a few of our diaries. Im up for being a weight loss buddy with you though, im definately in it for the long haul!! have a look at my diary :)
thanks sounds good xx
i need one too weigh in day tomorrow dredding it worked hard this week sneaked a weigh this morning wish i bleeding didnt lost half a flipping pound :mad: im hoping tomorrow might be a full pound lol.... hard work for what a pound (sigh)
Good luck peanuts 0.5 lb is better than nothing but i will keep my fingers crossed for ur whole lb xxx
well weighed in this morning lost 2 pounds really pleased :) was so down yesterday and saw half a pound loss was gutted. (note to self dont keep jumping on the scales) will now stick to just fridays for weigh in to stressy otherwise


Losing the baby fat
well i'm calling this year my last chance - if i dont do it again this yr then i dont think i''ve got it in me to have another go! this will be the 3rd time i'll HAVE (cos i am going to!) lost alot of weight, so 3rd time lucky for me - i dont want to spend the rest of my life moaning about my weight and being on a total self hate downer, am fed up of all that!
That's how my life has been rowan I spend half my time crying for what reason god knows why all my life I've fought the weight I know I've done well before Christmas but need to get back on track or the weight I've lost so far will all go back on it's a spiral with me up and down all my life and getting fed up with it now so it's either do it this time or I'm gonna buy a bag of chips and accept me as I am I seem to crave things I can't have ESP chocolate
Hey debs! I'll be your friend! lol I see your from Scotland too! :)

Hows the slim fast diet going? How exactly does it work?
I am doing the biggest loser meal replacement. I am on week 2 just now and me weigh in is on saturdays.

when do you weigh in? I have about 6 stone to lose altogether! lol

Hope you have a good friday :) xx
yay!!!! fantastic Peanuts 2lbs is great my finger crossing must have worked :p

I m totally up for a pact to stick at it for the year, i point blank refuse to spend another Birthday fat we should all organise to meet a year from now with out slim new looks :)

Krist would be great to be friends, I have about 9 stone to loose at least :) could be worse lol. Yeah i m in scotland Fife at the moment where are you from?
Slim fast basically works by replacing the food you consume during the day with shakes and bars etc. you can have 3 100 cal snacks and a 600 cal main meal. whats the biggest loser one all about.

Happy Friday everyone i have had a good diet day :)

Debs x
Hey there! I'm in Falkirk lol not too far away! The biggest loser is basically the same I think. I have a bar for breakfast, a shake for lunch and a healthy balanced meal for dinner. I also have 2-3 snacks (usually fruit) or they sell snack bars so sometimes have that or weight watchers yogurts which I am currently eating lol. I know its a bit late to eat but hey its friday! lol xx
i m currently drinking my last shake of the day as a hot choc! I hate milkshake lol and the only one i can bring myself to drink is the choccy one its quite yummy tho! x
That sounds good I never thought about doing that! Does it taste better?
I think so i dont really like milkshake or drinking milk for that point!!! I do however love hot choc (miss the cream and marshmallows tho lol) I think it kinda changes the texture of the SF stuff makes it a bit smoother. I have so far been having one as a shake and one as a hot choc :)

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